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  • Was sick but getting better now! fortunately improved enough in time for my dentist appt. Hope you're okay also. \o/
    Oh I'm sorry :(( I really wish you the best. I have some health issues too but trying not to let them stress me out too much. Helps me to remember that no one is ever totally healthy, even if that doesn't always help. v_v
    Better now! It was super bad for a few days but glad it's over now. Horrible headache, fatigue, fever, sore throat and a bunch of other things. Never again hopefully!

    And I'm really sorry about your condition, I hope it hasn't been too bad as of late D:
    Dang, hope you can get through that fine.

    Lots of work, I suppose! Lots of writing involved with that, but also new projects so that's neat. Summer is starting to show up here.
    I have Twitter and Discord too! even if I'm bad with replying in general ahaha ;_;
    sorry only now checked my messages!! if you ever want to talk about it let me know, I'm soo sorry you're struggling ;_;
    Hi Ty, merry xmas!! I'm ok, just got back from a week-long roadtrip :D how are you??
    Hi ❤️❤️ Sorry for being slow to reply I've been soo busy but wishing you the best as always :D
    ahh glad you're better! D: Hopefully it's not too stressful the next time ahhh. makes me worried about getting mine, but it's still the safest thing to do honestly..
    Ooh I see! Was it really bad? I will get mine sometime in July and am a bit nervous tbh D:
    yeah ;_; it's been busy for everyone, but would be cool if you could come online a lil more, even if it's just to talk! hope covid hasn't been terrible over there!
    ooh hy Ty I hope you're doing well too! happy late vday!! :D no worries at all ~
    been cleaning today, trying to get stuff cleaned up before I travel for 6 months D: want to make it easier for mom to clean my room when I'm gone lol
    hope you're better though omg!!!!
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