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Sweet Serenity
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  • Hello there! I know we haven't really talked much lately, but I thought I'd let you know that I hunted a shiny Charmander for you. Just let me know when/if you want him. (y)
    Grass it is! The code I always use is 2341 2345. Searching now.
    Sweet Serenity
    Sweet Serenity
    Thank you so much, Alex! I really appreciate it! By the way, that Chespin has very good IVs. I was breeding them around the time HOME became available.
    Neat! Thanks for the pumped up Chespin! And I'm glad I could be of service. (y)
    oh, i noticed you do discord so i sent you a friend request! my user is marsmallowthehattrem!
    Friend request sent! My username is John 3:16. Or something else my brother changes it all the time. The picture though is a shy guy.
    I changed the text color to visible in all themes i didn't realize since i use color flattered ORAS a light theme and johto elite four is a dark theme.
    your right about the colors i need to change that. thanks for the code! i will send you a request when i have time! ??????
    I wasn't going to bother replying to you, but since you're the moderator of the S/V sub-forum somehow, despite your account being only 1.3 years old, I'll entertain your warning. Guess you sucked up to the bureaucrats here quite well, Serenity.

    Your rules make no sense. There is a profanity filter in place that replaces the word I used with "muk", so there is actually no profanity to be found in my comment. As for the "cringers" comment, that is not targeted to anyone specifically, so you cannot possibly consider it an insult. If someone takes offense to something I said in general, it is THEIR problem, not mine.
    I agree for the most part except for Rillaboom who's kinda generic looking and boring in my opinion.
    Typhlosion raid is crazy. Have you played it?
    I bought the DLC yet and nothing happened. I wonder how is that possible... However I do pay a lot of attention while doing this kind of stuff - I'm not going to lose my beloved Quaquaval that easily, no worries.
    Yes, a friend of mine does play and to battle as a well organized duo's my best option by far to win in tera raid battles. I think I said the same more or less in your thread.
    What about you? Is there anyone inside your town/city you can play Pokémon with? Also, is the DLC available yet? I might buy it during these days.
    I understand and I'm glad you're in a good shape as well. As for me, I found out about the new Pokémon just today: Walking Wake and Iron Leaves. Useless to say I went to check and catch them almost in the very moment.
    Refreshing my login after two weeks. How are you? Everything going well? Any Pokémon news?
    I completed the game, literally, including the Pokédex. Now I'm just waiting for a DLC and breeding/training new Pokémon.
    Anytime, I like your posts. Thank you for accepting as well.
    Not bad, let's say, what about you?
    No problemo! And ah, nah nah ahahaha, thanks for reading my poems. I appreciate the compliment and it gives me motivation to continue! I admit. The way I work is that I usually wait for inspiration or a moment of time where I have this huge urge to write poems. I had that moment and wrote a bunch of poems. Then stopped. Just waiting for more moments of inspiration ~

    I like your poems too! I still recall the pyramid-theme you made <3

    Ah yes! I love cold weather for the reason you described: snuggling up, hot cocoa, heater on- aaaa yeeeees.
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