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Sweet Serenity
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  • No problemo! And ah, nah nah ahahaha, thanks for reading my poems. I appreciate the compliment and it gives me motivation to continue! I admit. The way I work is that I usually wait for inspiration or a moment of time where I have this huge urge to write poems. I had that moment and wrote a bunch of poems. Then stopped. Just waiting for more moments of inspiration ~

    I like your poems too! I still recall the pyramid-theme you made <3

    Ah yes! I love cold weather for the reason you described: snuggling up, hot cocoa, heater on- aaaa yeeeees.
    Heya! While late, Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad you celebrated it here amongst kind, like-minded individuals! ^ -^ ~

    Not to mention January is a cool month, so you're automatically cool in my books (: Our birthdays are not that far apart so I admit, while perhaps cringy at best, I feel a teenie bit of happiness knowing that fact.
    hi! i was wondering how you put your team at the bottom of your posts. im new and i would like to do that! :) thx if you can help!
    Sorry if you got double messages from me today, my finger slipped on the badge button, but I think your commemorative gift box badge is here :) Thanks for trading! Keep being the splendid moderator and presence in our community that you are <3
    Was thinking, you're a really nice person and I would like to be friends! Is it okay if I add you on Discord? ^^
    Hello, and thanks! I believe we haven't properly met before today? I used to see your posts and really liked them, nice to meet you!
    Hey, Serenity. In case you don't know, i'm leaving Pokecommunity for good. You can see my post in the New Users Chit-Chat thread if you want to know more details. I wanted to say goodbye to all of my friends before i left for real, so that's what i'm gonna do. Thanks for being a good friend on the forum, i really appreciate your good vibes! If you ever want to find me again, i have a Discord, The Foogle#6946. It would be cool to see you again on there!

    Anyway, thanks again for being my friend. Goodbye, Sweet Serenity, the No.1 Reshiram Enthusiast!
    Alright, i'll keep it in mind! :D And i hope you learn how to patch games and get familiar with ROM hacks! The fans know how to make some stand out stuff!
    Well, i'm glad we could clear the air! It's great to talk to you again! All of the misunderstandings are pretty understandable. It's always hard to properly end a conversation when you have absolutely nowhere left to go, so there's that awkward silence from both parties as the conversation is dropped by both people unanimously, heh.
    D'aww, you're making me get the warm fuzzies!

    Patching a ROM isn't hard at all, actually. Most of them have a guide on how to patch them, but usually you need a patching tool, like XDelta (Some ROMS even come with a patcher!)
    Serenity, the No. 1 Reshiram Enjoyer! I'm doing great! Sorry we haven't spoken in a while, all this time i thought i had offended you with my little grammar oopsie last month... I assumed you were ghosting me from afar and didn't quite like me anymore, but i guess that's not the case!

    Did you end up looking into Blaze Black 2 Redux? If you've played it, what are your thoughts so far?
    OH! That makes a LOT more sense now lmao, i didn't read the question well enough on the first go-around :p I thought you meant the original Black 2 and you were asking me to basically guess your playstyle? Which sounds a lot more stupid when i say it like that.

    Anyway, Blaze Black 2 Redux is a ROM hack of Black 2 that greatly enhances the Gen V experience. It was made by Drayano (who is mostly famous for his difficulty hacks, like Renegade Platinum and Sacred Gold/Storm Silver) and AphexCubed. I did a whole review about some of the features in the ROM hack discussion thread, but essentially, it makes all 649 pokemon catchable one way or another, most Pokemon get a type/stat/ability/movepool change, and trainers are harder. Oh, and Fairy types plus some moves from Gen 6 and beyond are added, too. It's great, you'll totally love it!

    As for downloading the hack, i'm not sure if i'm allowed to provide a link, but you can get it from Drayano's ROM hack list on Google Drive. He provides a link to that on his Twitter dot com profile, which provides the patches and documentation. You also need to have a clean rom (one that isn't anti-piracy patched) of the vanilla Black 2 to patch it with. Then you can go off on your wild excursion!
    I'm sorry, but there is NO way i'm ever using an eeveelution. Their movepools are WAY too shallow and don't offer enough coverage for what i need. They have incredible stats but the movepools alone kill everything. For competitive, yes, but for normal play, no. As for Drapion, i wish i was a drapion fan, but i'm usually not able to squeeze one into a team slot. Funnily enough, i used my drapion EXACTLY how you mentioned it, Sniper plus Night Slash and Cross Poison. Heck, in BB2 Redux it even gets Storm Throw, whic would be awesome if i didn't need a lot of other things for coverage :'/

    And how on earth am i supposed to know how you play Black 2? Or, did you mean how i, as in me, play the game? I'm a bit confused there lmao
    I hear you, dude. I'm not much into competitive, but i do enjoy watching False Swipe Gaming for sure. He goes over how good a pokemon was in each generation according to Smogon and placements it had in VGC. I find it ludicrous that when i teambuild nowadays i try to use Pokemon i've never used before to see if they're any good. Then i actually go about using them to find out they aren't as cracked up to be as i thought, (i'm looking at you, every single eeveelution!) so then i have to RE-build my team before finally finding something that works. Pity i just couldn't fit Drapion on my guys.

    On a side note, aw yeah, Black 2 superiority, baby! Who cares about some crumbly ruin when we can build an apartment complex there? Even though technically White 2 was my first ever game of all time, i like Black 2 a lot more. The futuristic feel is incredible! Oh, and Kyurem Black slaps, too.
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