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Sweet Serenity
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  • That's pretty interesting! It's hilarious how much Serperior sucked until it got Contrary legally. Then it was amazing! When i build teams, usually i have my starter and then i make a grass/fire/water core around it, since those 3 types make up some good coverage. In the postgame i have something called the Rule Of Two, where i can't use more than 2 legendaries. Anything beyond that would feel cheap. If you've got an answer for everything, nothing can stop you. Heck, my TC is my Blaze Black 2 team before Redux existed! (If you haven't heard of it, that's a ROM of Black 2 where they have type/stat/moveset changes to some Pokemon, all 649 are obtainable, trainers are harder, etc. Seriously, go play it.)

    But, the million dollar question should be, Black 2 or White 2? Which do you like more?
    A fellow Gen V enthusiast? Sign me up!

    I also see that you used the Pokecharms trainer card maker. That's pretty epic, too! Is that your team in one of the games or something?
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