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  • BW3 genesis? I think we're on the same motive loool, seemed like a breath of fresh air
    genuinely hope you're doing well, thriving in the post-college world and escaped missisippi too!
    makes 2 of us tbh. still have a few years till the uk collapses so why not kill time on rom hacks
    lizzo played bout 3 times during a 5min ad break here you're slowly taking over
    na i was referring to inori but she's thrilled to hear you don't consider her a child anymore, tyvm
    late by actual hours, happy bday old man from me and the little one
    ty for recognizing superior uk tunes with little simz, lizzo sounds a worse fusion of pre-drug whinehouse and adele to me. if you still want recs look @
    AJ Tracey By AJ Tracey
    The Everlasting Wave by Xavier Omar
    Avelino in general, his singles >>>>> his albums aka listen to boasy/so fine/energy/one shot remix
    SexyOddRose by One Acen
    Analoge by Odie
    look at Afrowave 2 by Afro B, tell me how you feel and we'll go from there
    will assume you've heard newest .pakk and snoh
    22-24 are such nothing years, you're still invincible during them tho dw and embrace
    ps rec me music pls
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