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  • mov r0, #0x2

    This sets r0 = 0x00000002

    lsl r0, #0x8

    This left-shifts r0 by 8 bits, or two bytes, giving us r0 = 0x00000200

    mov r1, #0x3D

    This gives us r1 = 0x0000003D

    add r0, r1

    This adds r0 and r1, so:
    r0 = 0x00000200
    r1 = 0x0000003D

    Result: r0 = 0x0000023D

    Does that help?
    This .zip file has cries for the first 649 Pokémon.

    I haven't found any Gen 6 cries yet, but I'm sure they exist.
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