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  • Okay then! ^^ Just to make sure before violating things. I hope my starter was good for the RP standards.
    Am I allowed to control custom characters too like some rivals or some random people or students in academy?
    Ah, it's coming back, eh? I could see what's going on then. And yeah, Skype is gone for me!
    Hey I know you asked for suggestions. I only really have one, that may allow people to join easier over time instead of being very intimidating if we hit say 5 year long thread again. The only suggestion is this:

    It is a sandbox so this may be difficult. But have an ending. Say if a major story arc comes up and finishes, stop it and create a new part. A better example would be to make Seasons similar to animes and other shows. That is the only suggestion I have. I will be making an SU soon btw.
    Oh hey! It has been a while and thanks for letting me know. I will have to check the thread out. Even though I wasn't part of it long, I hated to see such a long lasting RP go down after following for a while.
    Hey there! I just feel like I had to come over and say that I really enjoyed reading your SU for Tales of Altaria. Seems like we sorta had a similar idea when we created our characters, but I love what you did with yours. Can't wait to see what happens!
    My Skype is alby4t5 if you wanna hit me up there. I'm gonna be heading home in a few minutes, so I should be on in roughly 30 minutes or so if you wanna talk then. :3
    You, my friend, might just be the guy we're looking for. xD The RP will have a strong One Piece feeling, those who've watched it will definitely be able to see the similarities and appreciate them!

    About that; the RP is going to combine character exploration with heavy plot weaving, much like what you've seen so far in One Piece.

    Alright then, it seems we've reached a point where me telling you stuff isn't enough. How about you join us in our Skype chat? Even if you decide against joining in the end, it could be fun having you around for a while, just to chat. You seem chill :D
    I would like to know what kind of RPs you are/have been into. Would a Pokemon-only setting, much like Mystery Dungeon (yet a lot more serious, T in rating) interest you?

    The RP hasn't been named yet, but I'm contemplating on giving it our character's crew's name. We have set up a chat in Skype where we discuss everything about our sky pirating adventure; our characters, their abilities, their chemistry with each other, how good or bad they are in their roles aboard the airship, what plot points we want to implement and what places we want to visit as sky pirates. We'll decide our crew's name, our ship's name, and perhaps design our character's hometowns. We're all pretty much obsessed with our characters and it's been said verbally that we'll all put our best effort into making this a story worth reading and writing for.

    Have you watched One Piece? I'm basing the RP on that. A grand adventure, just your character and your crew :P
    Not many RPs, tbh. I'm the GM of Crimson Dawn, my own RP, where we got a nice, tight group of RPers going on, and I'm in SV's Odyssey. Both RPs take place in the same universe, Pokemon-only :P but CD will be over soon, and I'm planning a new RP. It's still in the works, with no OOC and little info beyond our role in the RP: Pokemon Sky Pirates; yet a team is formed for it and most spots have already been filled by good people of my choosing. So, I asked them who they thought was perhaps suitable for joining us and they suggested you, so I'd like to know you better
    Greiger and GastlyGibus, people whom I have been RPing with, have told me of your loyalty to the RP you're in right now, as well as your eagerness to post - something which you just confirmed :P I appreciate that in an RPer

    I'm JPing with my friends right now, having tons of fun :D
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