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  • Hey, for your Alfheim challenge. I'm doing a Spriggan run. For the Ditto, does it have to be a part of my team or does it only have to be in my party?
    Same goes for a having an obligatory Pokemon that knows fly. Does it have to be part of my team or only in the party?
    Ooooh! I hope you have an awesome birthday!! ^__^

    And happy birthday to Glacier as well, fellow FTE teammate! ;)
    Now on Round 10. If you see this, feel free to place your move. Round 10 should be the final round after a decent Round 9. Although we lost Lily(again), we dealt 52 damage or well above what I was expecting(was thinking along the lines of 40-45).
    Awaiting your Round 9 move. That way we can get to Round 10 and hopefully finish Chapter 3.
    Round 8 plan worked and Aipom went down. Round 9 is relatively uneventful as you and others sprint to get into position for Round 10 that, by my estimates, will be the final round for Battle#3.
    As always, I find issues and tweak my plans over time. As a result, your move likely will have to be altered since Unicorn is presently exposed to Aipom's Swift as presently constructed. As a result, I'm proposing you alter your move from K14 to L13 such that you attack Seviper while shielding an Ally from harm. Unicorn's advantage over Aipom and Liepard is reason enough to make this change, although if Seviper survives, there's a good probability it makes it up the Mountain unless we KO it. Mercy lobbing a Stick at it does increase our odds since even 5 damage can make a world of difference.

    Robin will deal 25, dropping it to 45. If Mercy deals 5 with the Stick, now we're at 40. Then you swoop around and attack, likely dealing 25-30 with a strong Ice move. Going with a Lowball estimate of 25 puts it at 15. While it's not a STAB attack, Quick Attack from Unicorn ought to be enough to KO it. Net result is a KO'd Enemy while protecting an ally.
    I know you made your move, but what do you think of Plan B and Plan C? Plan C is arguably my boldest plan but in theory takes out Dartrix, Aipom and Nidorino while damaging Gothorita because Mercy is going to fall regardless of having Double Team or not.
    Posted a Plan B for you to view. It's a way bolder, if not reckless plan but if successful would KO 1 additional foe than Plan A would. Either way we look at it, I'm attacking Nidorino next round. Only target that makes sense unless Mr.Mime survives Mercy's Attack.
    Just in case you missed it, I quoted you in the main thread(which is stickies) and you had two items from the 2018 Get Together that you got from the first battle's intermission. First being a Lum Berry for stat changes and the other being Poison Spikes. Being an item that deals Poison damage as a Rn.Shot move, I think you'd want to have those since they're great against Fairies(got three of them on the map right now and undoubtedly more on the way with no counter to them whatsoever). Team A has a Fairy counter in Mags but we lack Steel or Poison moves, much less items.
    Got to move my friend :) Time to move Glacier closer but not in harms way of Pansear, hence sprinting to H14 is where I'd go.
    Round 5 now live. Gligar moves down the cliff and Salandit sprinted to pressure our group and perhaps draw fire. I have suggested you use your last Powder Snow PP on Gligar after moving to F4 to get into range. Being a x4 STAB move and Special at that(hence bypassing/negating the Harden he did not that long ago) means that it ought to OHKO it. I have Hit going after Salandit-A(wherein based on Round 4 outcome ought to suggest a OHKO there) while Rinnia is going after Salandit-C(not sure if that will lead to a OHKO but I hope it does). I'm moving down to Attack Karrablast because the Bug Pokemon happens to be in range and is the only Pokemon left aside from Nuzleaf that I do Super Effective Damage on.

    LMK what you think and post your move sometime soon.
    Got a move to make on FTE and its been one hectic development for Round 4. 3 new Allies and a bunch of new enemies. While I was hoping to save one of your moves for Gligar, these developments have kind of forced our hand regarding your Icy Wind move. I have a plan of action that has you moving first since Icy Wind is a Rn.Shot move. You'll move to H2 and use Icy Wind on Pancham(a new enemy). Then other Allies can move to attack and whittle down the new group of enemies. Another reason I have you moving is because Salandit up north can move and use Ember on you and hence I'm having you move to avoid that. You can always heal later but unleashing Icy fury will help a great deal and perhaps we may get lucky and KO Pancham.
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