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  • So sorry for this long reply and the regional is fun. It did feel exhausted though
    Are there any passions you have like for finance, HR, technology, energy, automotive, health, etc?

    I have been following the news. I think I'm getting Violet now. You?
    you can be like me, geeting the games and put it on shelf and never play it like forever
    I could not help myself not to follow the leaks and to be honest, the leaks make me want to play the game more than the official trailers. What about you?
    Haha sounds like myself everyday now. I guess I am still into Pokémon but not as much anymore. The only thing left that I want to do is actually to join the championship for once but it keeps getting delay like forever
    Yeah that is why I went back to school. It seems every accounting job had more and more requirements. What field would you be interested in studying further?

    I actually have a reliable way of cloning now! I caved and bought a 3DS powersaves finally. I forgot these things existed. Now I can clone my Pokemon and move them into the Switch. I lost my way of cloning on the DS, though.

    I am not familiar with any of those games. :( I also don't follow the Nintendo Directs. I'm usually working when they go live, but then I forget to ever watch them. I try not to buy anymore games because I have a backlog too lol!
    It's been a hectic couple of years for me honestly! I got my master's degree in 2019, got married in 2020, bought a house in 2021, and started a new job at a huge investment/banking company this January! I'm so happy with where I ended up at. This past decade just had so many moving parts for me I unfortunately had to put PC on the back burner. I still pop in from time to time. I really miss the old Trade Corner days...

    I do have most of the Pokemom Games on the Switch. I'm really liking the Legends Arceus game where I can catch Pokémon in an open field. Highly recommend if you have a Switch. I don't trade Pokémon anymore as I don't have a reliable way to really clone.

    What games are you playing?
    Sorry, I missed this message oof!

    Ooh my husband played the SMT for 3DS and liked it quite a bit. I think the Switch game is also pretty good, a bit obscure and dark for me but it still seems fun ~

    And possibly. They are honestly annoying. We're going to work on improving the system for catching bots sometime, but a lot of the time they're actual people nowadays since they know they can get through easier. It's dumb. v o v
    Yess it comes out localized this month! So much excite!! <3

    And we do see Blog reports. I deleted + banned the spammer and reported the comment to test, it did get sent in successfully. Maybe it wasn't sent properly that one time? But it's taken care of now. ^^ thank youuu
    omg centipede lmao

    I just want her to be cute and elegant and not a macho football player. But they tend to do that most for fire starters so it's probably ok xD I hope we get more news in the next couple of months <3 but for now.. I eagerly await Rune Factory 5 and the new Kirby game!
    Yeah I'm honestly not 100% sure what their situation is. Maybe they only are given a limited budget to work with and can't hire too many more people, or hire but it's still not enough. Either way I do feel bad for the game staff... they work very long hours and it's probably super exhausting :s and omggg I like Incineroar (I swear is it just me?? lol) but really hope kitty will stay grounded!!
    Yeah, sadly it seems like they have to meet these deadlines whether they like it or not, since TPCi has a schedule for merch/games/tcg/anime/etc and the games need to follow with it so everything isn't delayed. I feel really bad for the devs, they probably work such long hours to get this stuff done... x_x

    and yes the kitty is so cute omgg! She better not become bipedal, unless she becomes elegant fufu. I think I'm going Scarlet, just love that name ~
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