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  • Haha only took 2 months. How are you tabor? How's life been treating you? I'm married now and all that fancy adult stuff. No kids yet tho.
    That's true. I'll keep that in mind. Hope I manage to make the right decision soon. I can feel the clock ticking by, and it's not a great feeling. How about you? Are you all set with the desk job life? There's comfort in that sort of stability, I think, even if it might get mundane at times.

    Ah yeah, better to get a new 3DS over secondhand to make sure all the functions are intact. Good luck with the trade shop! I hope you find the fun that comes with it again.
    I do, but it feels so unreachable. I don't know if I can keep messing up like I have or if I should just call it quits while it's still early.

    Oh, what happened to your 3DS? Maybe a secondhand 2DS could work. And yeah, me too. November 15 is fast approaching.
    That's good. As long as you don't hate your job, that's more that most people could ask for. Glad to hear you're at that point.

    Grad school has been tough. Lately I've been doubting if I really want this. I could be working full-time like some of my other peers, but I'm doing grad school instead.

    I think you should try it for the next games, if you plan on buying them. :) There should be a bustling trading community come release. It'll be a fun time. And most online resources have guides on breeding so remembering shouldn't be too hard.
    Ah, I forgot to reply to this! But yeah, it really has.

    What's been going on with you irl? Have you been busy?
    Tabor!! sorry I forgot to reply D: literally the day you came back, the next day I was off to an anime con for the weekend XD

    I've been good!! Since our last VM exchange, I'd been graduated from college (associate's degree though :p) and working at the college now where I was attended. Tried university but got screwed over big time :/ but I've been sticking around here, on Discord, and am awaiting the new games to release as well :D

    How are you?
    Oh! In that case I'd be happy to make a flair for ya! I even run a shop for exactly that purpose so it wouldn't be any issue. :) Lemme know what'cha think!

    And I definitely sometimes do feel overwhelmed! Especially with Sword & Shield around the corner. But there's still so much good that outweighs the stress. <3
    Haha, yeah, the sections started to pile up after a few years. It's a labor of love. <3

    The flair stuff is definitely fun! :> You know CSS, right? If I remember correctly you had a trade shop that was super fancy with coding! :o
    it is super fun too! and a lot more fluid than the original, flash-based made it kinda messy..
    youre inspiring me to get on steam more now and play 3: lol
    ooh those are fun, but tend to be really hard. isaac i could barely get through and the second version was even harder.. ha ha x x'
    yeah it is ;o; hence why i want a switch lol

    and idk tbh.. none yet really. maybe Mario Kart, but i know i wouldn't actively play that. waiting for animal crossing oh my godddd
    video games yeaaa! wish i had more energy to play tho lol ; ; thinking of getting a switch. you have one?
    I thought all of my text in my shop WAS colored.

    **Edit** I went in and so some text was white (black on your theme) and changed it to "plum"

    better now? can you see it?
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