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  • Yup, I used to be Epilogue! Bulbasaur's move should be all set now, too. :)

    By the way, I apologize for the late response—school has been holding me back for quite some time!
    You're welcome! And it's alright, I've been spending most of my day catching up on homework, nothing too interesting. (And it was actually 6:38 PM here when you sent that, haha.)
    Haha, indeed. The current map has proven to be a lot more challenging than the last one!
    Eh it was pretty much me vs everyone on other side. I got very little input, if any, from my teammates and it put me in a difficult position when my knowledge of moves and Pokemon post Gen 2 is limited. I had a feeling Janp's Pokemon was Support but I didn't think my luck from my handheld games involving multi-shot moves would follow me to FTE. Had Pin Missile done what it normally does(2 or 3 shots), Lele would have survived(albeit barely) and would have done Draining Kiss(recovering half the damage) before moving behind Tapu Koko who would move and finish Nah off if she was still alive after the Super Effective Fairy Attack. Crusher(Heracross) would they move after Tapu Bulu with a Flying Attack and I'd sprint eastward to force it back.

    But.. it didn't go as I hoped because someone had to do something else it'd been a stalemate for the event(which we were running out of time on). I value input because it'd make me feel like it's not just me vs Lycan.
    Want to move Hit now? I think Priscilla is moving to Spark Karrablast. Hopefully she will do enough to KO it. Else Elwind or Mags can move to finish it off.
    If we go with Option#2 where Nah moves to Salandit-C's spot at K1 to use Dragon Rage on Yungoos at L1, Mags will move to K2 to heal and attack diagonally with Thundershock. If her attack is strong enough to KO Yungoos, Black will move to L1 and attack Nuzleaf in M1. Elwind is moving to M2 to attack Gothita so Nuzleaf will have to go all the way around(counter-clockwise) to reach L3 to be able to attack Mags diagonally(if he can at all). Karrablast will be able to reach her but Bug doesn't do crap to Steel and Karrablast has more promising targets(like Elwind since Bug x2 on Dark).
    Thing is Fury Cutter does x4 on Grass/Dark while only normal on Bug Types. Do you really want to waste the final turn of his Hone Claws buff on that difference? Plus if he goes after Karrablast by moving to M3, it opens up the door for Nuzleaf to go after Mags(moves to L1 and then up to L2 to attack her at K2). By going after Nuzleaf at L1, Nuzleaf would have to go all the way around and wouldn't be able to attack Mags unless he has an attack with a Rn1* <- * means he can attack diagonally.
    Thing is for Black to use Pursuit on Karrablast, that would require Black to move. If Yungoos is still alive, he takes extra Pursuit Damage for moving. If Yungoos is still alive but Black doesn't move and instead opts to attack Black, he doesn't take return fire in doing so(despite what the move does in the PMD games. I asked Lycan explicitly about it the other day).

    Meaning if anyone is to attack Karrablast, it can't be Black unless Yungoos is KO'd.
    I love your determination to find that out, but.... you know you could just have asked right? xP Alright, show me what you found. :D
    Haha, I know right? :D Depends on the backup you bring with you, but quite likely yes. Though I'm sure you'd be able to take a good chunk out of his health if your Rollout were completely charged.

    I'm curious to see what's going to happen as well. There is a good chance there would be some enemies around nearby on your next turn, I think. But otherwise a bit more deforestation doesn't look like a bad way to go. xP
    Well our ace in the hole right now is Black's Zangoose. It knows Fury Cutter and it just shreds Dark, Grass and Psychic(a Typing prevalent on nearly all of the Pokemon down there, including Nuzleaf). The critical Pokemon that we have to KO is Pancham because Fighting is a Normal type's worst nightmare. Caite is thundershocking the Pancham and I advocate Hit moving down to Wing Attack it. Granted it still might survive that, hence why I want Priscilla to Growl on M3 so as to weaken the power of the enemy's first moves down there. No idea if Black can OHKO that Sneasel but if past history is any indication, it's a no since it's in Tall Grass. However, so is Black so it's not the end of the world. With Glacier advocated to sprint east, he can then move down and use an Ice move on Nuzleaf or the Bug Type down there. Salandit might hit him with an Ember though and right now Rinnia is the only viable counter.
    Ironically, my plan was for you to move down a square and continue Rollout on the 2nd tree simply to take advantage of it since you have to keep rolling until it expires. With the tree gone, Meta can slice and dice that Sneasel and if my guess is right, he can OHKO it. That will then open up Mercy to hit Drowzee with a STAB Ghost Attack. Unlikely to KO Drowzee but it's movement is only 4, hence Mercy can chase it down in Round 5 and finish it off.

    The reason I made the push on the tree is for two reasons. Firstly, it gives us an evac route to another Flower(although it's not as safe as the ones we had) and secondly it puts pressure on the Gligar and Salandit about whether to head South and Attack from the West or to retreat up north in order to keep us occupied from potentially going after the head honcho Lombre.

    I had a feeling we'd be getting some new faces but MysticalNinetails was a surprise. Caite I'd been talking to and I've also been talking to Nah(whom might be joining up as well. As for what Pokemon, I have no idea but odds are it'll be a Dragon Type).

    Thoughts on my suggested action against the ambush party?
    Actually Mercy cant hit Tree#3 from where he'd be moving. Odds are you'll get hit twice but here's how I'd do Round 4.

    I expect him to move Drowzee, Salandit and/or Sneasel east to the Tree's to attack you and anyone he can deal damage to. After surviving the onslaught, Meta will Quick Attack the Tree again to destroy it. This will allow you to move forward to attack whomever is next to the tree(likely Salandit or Sneasel, which will be SE for you). Odds are your attack will KO whomever is there because of the fact Rollout will be on its second iteration. Then Elwind moves into the now open spot(if he can) to use Pursuit on Drowzee. Not only is it SE, if he even MOVES, it deals double damage(all but ensuring it dies in Round 5 since Psychic don't work on Dark).
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