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  • Oh, that wasn't a staff clique, rather a popular-guys-gang acting like schoolchildren. I'm glad those times are dead and buried too.

    And well, there is a massive question mark around it still, but the theory says now UK nationals won't be allowed to move to other countries to live or work and they'll become a foreign country when selling goods and services, so all their stuff will be taxed. That's making banks and factories run into the continent killing thousands of jobs along the way, because if they have to choose, they'd rather stay in the part with 450m people than in the island with 60m. The pound is also collapsing. Obviously this is insanity, so there is the alternative they'll continue the way we have been until now (free trade, freedom of movement- which most Leavers despise because evil Mexicans Poles taking their jobs), except with the only (and extremely asinine) difference that they'll keep paying into the budget but will not receive any federal spending (???) and will not have any representatives in Brussels any more to speak for them when drafting the laws they'd still have to follow anyways (like... it is as stupid as it sounds). Tl;dr: hey have to choose between fucking up their economy and risking their country blowing up (because Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar voted to stay in and might seek independence to remain in the EU, a la West Virginia) or staying as they were, except giving up their political rights altogether (which is surely the way to end the 'lack of democracy' they criticised).

    And I'm not tired of writing about Trump, I love it! I get so many views, and I take some evil pleasure in chronicling the slow-mo implosion of the Republican Party. I tend to do analysis, which mean doing a lot of fact-reporting but with a tiny bit of opinion.
    Eh. The people I was on bad terms with ended up leaving too and I made up with a couple of people I had nothing against but ended in the cross-fire so it's okay. The others who were with me, I'm just fine. But I don't care that much about that topic anymore. Agua pasada no mueve molino, as we say here. PC is an absurdly staff-centric place though, and you can see how much in things like these.

    Well, for us that care about the issue, this referendum has been going on for months, and chances are it's still going to because lots of people who voted without understanding what it meants are now regretting it, and regardless, the UK is imploding as a country and the EU is under a life-or-death strain so the effects will be felt for months and probably years to come.

    And yes, I'm a journalist! That's what I started working as three years ago and what I'm working as right now. I'm in the Americas desk but the Brexit thing was such a worl-wide event, and well, our elections matter to South America so I'll have to cover them tomorrow too. I had a piece about Trump that I'll try to fit in tomorrow somewhere between this wave of historic events unfolding left and right, geez.
    Got a job, worked in Argentina, came back, went unemployed for a year, got a new one (working tomorrow!), left my girlfriend, got on with my best friend for a month, broke up, got promoted to admin, had a massive falling out with several hstaff that resulted in me quitting in a massive explosion, and well, I'm pretty shellshocked as I prepare to write a lot about Brexit tomorrow while realising that we have elections on Sunday anyway.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    CHEEEEESE! I'll send you a PM, ok? ...Or maybe I'll just make another twitter account and follow you there. XD
    A long time ago. Yeah, I'm going into senior year now and she's off to New Zealand. Things change, invariably.

    And I completely agree, and as you well know am only recently kicking up the activity, though I'd like to maintain it.

    And wow, Midori Chi, it's been a while.
    I had to leave under the craziest of circumstances, but life bounced back in a big way. Things are rather fantastic.

    And haha, no worries on those VMs. It's been years and I'm sure we've all had our silly moments. And hey, I remember how much fun we had back then. Do you still routinely post around here?
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    //late again omg oTL That attempt didn't go well lol

    I know! Oh man it's been so long hahaha... I don't watch AI anymore and now that Fringe is over I hardly watch FOX anymore. Not much tv for that matter... But yes p much the same with me. I lurk interwebs a lot, trying to get into PC again... The member fanclubs were so much fun! ;A; Why'd they have to stop doing those?

    Well other than the usual stuff, I'm back in school now :D In college but it's almost over. The end of the year and it's pretty hectic right now...yeeeet here I am on PC :D
    It's me, Ichi-chan... if you remember

    I'm attempting to come back to PC
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