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  • Hey man. I haven't logged in for a couple months. I've been frequenting the forums as a guest. Anyway, I
    'm doing well. I'm progressing through my second year of college and learning a lot about computers. How have you been?
    YES! In the bottom left there will be an "aim" thing, and press "add buddy" and add "athimineur" and I'm online right now, you should be able to send me something. :D
    What's changed then? lol

    Yeah, game designs alright. There's a lot of drawing in it which hurts my hand. :P
    I tried to get back into hacking for so long before I just decided to quit :(

    It's a pretty busy year and I still have a lot of free time to do whatever, but I'm still having trouble adjusting from my normally chill life. I'm still interested in game dev but if I do become interested enough then I'll probably learn Python instead of go back into hacking lol
    HAHA I KNOW. I have work, and classes, and I'm trying to keep up with my social life at the same time (Since literally I either work or have school each day, so I try to fit in time) so I know exactly what you mean. Hmmm...do you have an AIM by any chance? Or an AOL email? Either one, we could use since it will auto log you on to a messenger when you log in, and no downloading is required since messaging things make computers slower.

    If you don't have one, just go to aol.com, make a bu!!sh!t account, and then just log onto it. There will be a tab under that says connect to messenger. And say yes. And then you can add my name. Which is megahippo09. And we can FINALLY talk after all these years.
    Same, except I haven't really kept track of time haha. I still occasionally participate in mapping competitions though. But that's about all I do.

    Trying to start again after two years might be pretty difficult. Same applies to me though. ;;
    Oh wait I just read a post that you said you were trying to get back into it. LET ME ASSIST YOU WITH THAT. Remember, you and I and Kebbles learned everything together? We were so young. So impressionable. I MISS THOSE TIMES. Well anyway. Let me know how we can talk. I don't have MSN anymore, but I'll make one if I need to.
    Ah I've been good, although busy and stuff.

    Yes, it definitely has. Are you still rom hacking?
    That's gotta suck. My uncle hit his mother with a car once, it was a sad day. She broke her leg,, but she wasn't mad cause it was her son. The touching story :')
    If it were my mom, she'd break my leg too.
    What? I don't wanna make a joke because I can't tell if you're joking or serious.

    Did you break anything :S ??
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