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  • Hello there!
    I am looking for a long lost Pokémon mini hack, and you are one of the few that can help me.
    I am looking for a game named Pokémon Cangrejo, created by the Cutlerine and posted for a short while back in the snakewood post during Christmas of 2010.
    From the thread, you seem to had downloaded it. Now, the game is completely gone from the internet so if you still have it, then please answer me here or send it to me to my email address ([email protected]).
    Thank you so much! I definitely couldn't have done it without all the foundations laid by previous hackers like Touched. His Mega Evolution code was very helpful in coding my own version for the CFRU. This year has brought around plenty of new hacks thanks to the CFRU, so I'd say the days of most hacks never getting released are over!
    wassup! things been rolling slowly but steady >:)
    university is getting harder, but the game will finally see the light of day
    how bout u?
    Hey, I hope you're doing well. Happy birthday btw and hope you had a good Christmas and have a good new year!
    And surprisingly, Mamoru became mature. But sadly, he outlived his character.

    Fukuda best side character FTW
    Oh, so that's your opinion on Season 2.

    Personally, I find it underwhelming. It's not that it's bad, it's just the protagonist. Chihiro doesn't look like the protagonist to me, Haruka did. The things I like about this season is Takayama's return, New Omega, Iyu's recovery right before her death. Honestly, they should have just let Chihiro survived instead of killing him off to see how much Iyu's death has an impact on his character. I have also hoped that Takayama's sight will return after the battle with Jellyfish Amazon, but sadly that's not gonna happen.
    You ever heard of that ancient PSP game Kamen Rider Chou Climax Heroes? I find it fun tbh.
    Glad to hear it! Yeah exactly, plus you're better having switched majors early on than putting it off till later. There's totally no point in going through something so big that you're not passionate about! It's really good that you're working as well like you're already a step ahead of the competition =) was glad to catch you on here, I thought with you having quit hacking you might not come on anymore!

    New account is a funny story actually haha, i physically cannot remember the password to my old one or even the e-mail address I signed up with because it's so old. I actually really want to get back into hacking to finish what I started, I recently lost my job so that combined with all the other stuff, I desperately need something to focus on and keep me motivated right now lol.
    Hey! Nice to hear from you, how's life? You enjoying college? You'll be Gordon Ramsay in no time mate haha, yeah doing a bit better now thanks but I was in the metaphorical bucket for quite a while.
    ayyyy and I'm half dead haha
    University can be nice but it's 99% a pain in the
    They look so much cybernized now(is that a word?).

    And I'm kinda wondering how Neo would transform. Haruka yells Amazon aggressively, Jin says it with a cold-like tone, while Maehara Jun says it with a laid back attitude. So what do you think the new one, Neo would be?
    Just gonna drop this right here.
    haha, thanks buddy. I'm enjoying what I have left of a vacation sooooooooo brb :P
    At least he still has the Ouja vibe to it.

    Aged extremely bad? Look at Suga Takamasa!
    Is that really the original Asakura Takeshi?
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