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  • Japan was considered the next world superpower back in the 1970s and 1980s.

    I prefer to watch what I've already planned to watch. Only anime from the current season I'm watching is Nazo no Kanojo X, and that's because I was reading the manga when the news about the anime came about.
    That was made back when Japan was an up-and-coming world power, and its cultural influence was starting to be felt worldwide.

    I tend to not watch anime from the current season in Japan.
    And that one in particular people have also learned from a song by Styx called Mr. Roboto.

    lots of different kinds of anime.
    I'm pretty sure most people learn from actual classes or self-teaching from websites, not anime. :V

    I have not watched Bakemonogatari.
    I know absolutely none whatsoever. I can speak some, but only a very simple sentence or two.
    Haha, I'm just reading it. My sister watches the dub, though, even though I keep telling her it's really really bad. >_>
    I knew what the plot was when I was reading it. The author was trying to slip an action shounen series past his editors and publisher, who were expecting a romantic comedy series akin to the manga version of Love Hina.
    One of my favorite series, Negima!, is littered with fanservice, but underneath that it's a pretty entertaining shounen story.
    I've read more manga than anime due to time constraints on my computer, lol. No time to watch 25 minute episodes.
    I've read:
    Ao no Exorcist
    Pokemon Adventures (up to the Gold/Silver ones)
    Fairy Tail
    Part of Full Metal Alchemist

    I think that's all... but I can't remember.
    yeah overheat thing so you have to limit your shooting and dodge or you'll overheat and be stunned for a while. Or you can use the overheat cooler when your overheated to cooldown.
    I don't mind them. Some of those things that are covered in layers of that stuff actually have really interesting stories.
    yeah its not like 1 by one. You can move around and still shoot and they can attack you. You can use skills/special moves on them.
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