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  • Weren't you that girl that uzed to use 'z' and 's' interchangeably in all your postz to cute effect?

    If so, do you remember my old account, tmbjr?
    Whoa, I just randomly logged on to see what was up with this place.
    Actually I googled my common username to see what came up, and I found good ol PC.

    Being that you're one of the few people I remember from this place, I wonder, do you remember me? :0

    Hit me back dogg. :]
    Who'z thiz ztrange perzon zlippin' in mezzagez in my profile!?

    ...Uh-huh. I remember you well. XD (And doing that z thing is harder than it looks, lol)

    So what's zhakin', Teara? =D
    Haha, well I'll see you around here then! I'll try to looking around some forums I go to... probably go back to OC.
    alright, I'll try!

    I'm thinking of maybe just lurking and occasionally posting here in PC. Stuff's interesting so I might as well put some minimal amount of activity.
    yeah, pretty much!

    Oh, and I did change my name a couple of times before. I just put it back to the original one since I was quitting PC. But then I came back and it looks really weird... haha.
    haha yeah... everyone still knows that I <3 Yellow... haha... not as much though, but she's still one of my favorite characters. Yeah, I was looking at the new Pokespecial community here... looks rather interesting. Man, I miss the good old days.
    Teara! You still remember me, right? Haha... this is hilarious... I come back in PC for a couple of days and I see a bunch of awesome old friends!

    Not sure if you remember me, but I was Legendary_Pokemaster back in the day. Like... four years ago. XD
    LOL, XD My judgment is inaccurate since it's based on one post. I just thought it would be funny to comment on your age xP
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