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  • Hi Teh Baro, I want to say your Pokémon Quartz Rom hack is a incredible classic. Hope everything is going great for you.
    Mis ojos no me mienten?, acaso es...Baro!?
    Oh dios, Baro, maestro del rom-hacking!!

    De Pokémon, claro.

    Quiero decir, tu trabajo es increíble, el Quartz y el Marble
    Incluso si no han tenido nuevas actus, tienes un legado increíble
    Nada se compara con tus aportes, donde quiera que estés Baro, se te valora mucho.
    Se que soy un mero user random, de un cierto foro hispano "WaH", pero digo esto porque te respeto man.

    Te deseo la mas grande de las suertes, felices días.
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    Hey, man. Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your work.
    Many people trash-talk about Quartz and it's sprites, but I genuinely love it. They have a certain charm to them.
    It was one of the first of its kind, with 386 original fakemon. It had good, challenging gameplay, and that's what matters.
    And to think all of this was made by one guy? Respect.
    Pokemon Quartz was the first ROM hack I ever played, (I did buy it as a fake copy, though) before I even knew what ROM hacking was. So I'd say that your hack seeded my interest in the hacking scene.
    Going back to the "first of its kind" comment; you worked with less advanced tools, and less tools in general when making this hack back in the 05-06 era, which makes it all the more impressive.
    I know you quit ROM hacking quite a while back, so I wish you the best of luck with whatever you're doing nowadays.
    Hola! No sé si leerás esto pero decirte que soy gallego, como tú, concretamente de Ourense, y que tengo un canal de Youtube con Machinima (http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAdriguel) y estoy haciendo un Let's Play de Pokémon Cuarzo! Tengo una gran duda, y es: a Ran la llamaste así basándote en Detective Conan? Sea como sea, te ha quedado un juegazo, sinceramente. Enhorabuena! :)
    Oh that's right, the female protagonist does look like Ran. Did you give her a similar team?
    I just got my pokemon Y one day early and I'm making a female called Ran. Right now I'm pretty much making the expression of my avatar.
    Pues tu eres el Verdadero Baro, enserio yo te encuentro un Genio del Hack Hispano, espero que no este prohibido decir eso, lol... Un saludo y me encantan mucho tus hacks y sigue asi, si buscas en un futuro indefinido un spriter aqui me tienes.
    Hi, I downloaded the pokémon quartz and see than you need help to translate. I would like to do, but in portuguese. Could you pass me the contact of the other guy? we could work together.
    Hey there, Baro. I've just finished Pokemon quartz. It's really fantastic, i must say. I enjoyed it very much. Btw i'm gonna play pokemon marble. Is it translated to english 100% ? btw i liek poke. quartz.
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