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The Fairy Pokémon
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  • Oh, whoops. I don't even remember mentioning a loss. I was probably typing without much thought. 'Heart on a sleeve' is the expression. Something I should be more mindful about.

    I think the oddest thing to come out of New York is that I've found out I enjoy reading. I hated books. You couldn't get me near one if I was paid. I was in a book store with my mother, I asked if she wanted to buy me one. Basically her response was "Sure. But it's not like you'll ever read it". I wanted to pass time on the trip...and it's all I've been doing now. I'm 700 pages into a long novel. It's like a movie in my head. It feels I've been missing out on something for so long. My speed is rather slow. I was worried about my comprehension, but it hasn't been a problem.

    It's no problem.

    I've never watched Harry Potter. (I almost spelled it hairy potter). I might someday. I watch random series all the time. It's fun to discover new series because you get the joy of understanding when you hear it talked about, as I mentioned already. I'm glad you can enjoy the Pokemon anime. I tried, but I got tired of the show. Team Rocket appeared in every single episode and it drained me. Do you have a favorite season? I tried Sinnoh. There were good things about it. I loved his team and rival.

    New York was very fun, and crowded. I'm tired so I don't feel like uploading any photos yet. I bought my mother home a Minnie Mouse pillow as a gift. It cheered her up. It would have been my dad's birthday if he had not passed, I could tell she was feeling upset. I hope you have a good new year too with many good things ahead. It's exciting, experiencing adulthood and everything. It'll be full of many new things for me.
    D'aw thank you so much! Christmas or holidays this time of year are so ubiquitous it's hard not to get caught up in the holiday cheer, even if I don't celebrate myself. I do hope you have a lovely holiday, or certainly new year as well!

    Hopefully one of your resolutions is to stay more active here, hehe. (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
    Do you have a preference for movies? I think for the super hero genre, it helps if you enjoy fantasy. Disney+ puts them all in chronological order. There were a couple movies not there, so I did a 24 hour rental. I'll be honest, I admittedly just wanted to be in the loop with everything. Super hero movies felt foreign to me, but I wanted to understand when I heard them spoken of.

    I'm excited for next year. I have high hopes for it and there are many things I wish to do. Personal growth being the biggest thing.

    We live near a marina. It looks like this: https://img.marinas.com/v2/5797f7ce63ce285947689b863f536fdf5e2e45b2df3ec0df5c3d018c91271ea3.jpg. However we aren't directly on the water. Much more into the forest. So I'm not actually used to seeing lots of people. It's very quiet.

    Here you go. https://www.greetingsisland.com/ecard/przhx3fo4bcq/en Have a merry and safe christmas!
    Oh. Thank you for accepting the friend request. Much appreciated.

    We'll be seeing Spider-Man: No Way Home. I was never an avid follower of super hero movies, but I binged every single marvel movie during the pandemic. It's not my favorite thing ever, but I guess I'm a follower of them now. I'll let you know how the trip goes. I never lived in a city. Somewhere like New York is very foreign to me. There will be so many people.

    It might be a fantastic year. We never know what it will have in store, but I hope that maybe we could start seeing a more positive shift. Personally It was a mixed year. Some incredible moments and some not. I don't know you that well, so I won't put much detail. I'll mention that on November 3rd there was a family death. It does leave a gap during the holidays.

    Would you like a small holiday e-card? I'm making a few of them, for christmas joy.
    Thank you. I couldn't find an avatar I liked and kept switching it every week. Johto, Alola, and Hoenn are my favorite regions. By the way, you have a pleasant and meaningful signature.

    It's going to be busy. My family is doing a Christmas party. After that, my aunt is taking me on a trip to the state of New York. It's a brief visit. I have never been there. My sister and her friends are taking me to a movie soon.

    My favorite drink is lemonade. I like hot chocolate too, preferably with marshmallows. I don't drink soda though, for various reasons.

    Have you had a nice year? It's nearing the end of this one. Very soon.
    You're welcome. I instantly remembered your name. You have a nice theme too so that stood out to me. I was going to use a clefairy avatar a long while ago.

    Are you planning anything for the holidays? I'm almost finished shopping. In school, so I don't have that much money. I love the entire holiday season.
    It's nice seeing you post around again. They've always been fun and you stand out as a contributor.

    Have a nice holiday season/a merry christmas.
    Hello, Fairy Pokémon! How are you? ^-^
    Have you been reading any chapters? =)
    Hihihi, it's okay! Sometimes it happens to me too x'D
    Also Will deserves to be mentioned several times, she's too awesome!*-*
    Yey! *hi fives* ( ^o^)人(^-^ )v
    My favorite one is Will, but I also like Taranee and Hay Lin a lot! =D
    Uuuuh-uh! Awesome! *:・゚✧ (\^.^(\
    I'm reading them all over again too! Currently on #25! Let me know which one is your favorite if you get further down the road! ^-^
    Oh, it's true! It's something about the eyes, right? They look pretty similar =)
    It is! The comic came in 2001 and has a different flow, the characters are more dynamic and there's more detail behind the scenes.
    If you're interested: "w.i.t.c.h. online comic" is the key to google's door into this magical world =D
    Oh, don't worry, you're not bothering me! ^-^

    Her name is Will Vandom from the comic show W.I.T.C.H., she's my favorite tomboy character of all time! <3
    You probably know her from the TV show? Although i must say she is quite different there (i don't think they made her justice xD)
    Hi! If anyone is wondering why my join date has suddenly changed, it's because I rediscovered my very first PC account (from 10 years ago!!) and one of the admins was kind enough to merge my accounts together.
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