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The Foogle
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  • Oh no.. :(

    I'm sorry to hear this! I do wish you well and hope everything works out for you! I just sent you a friend request on discord. <3
    Hey Foogle! Thank you for considering me a friend. I think it will be a bit hard to see you go. I hate goodbyes. I could contact you on Discord, that is if I had an account… but when I get one, I'll message you a soon as possible.

    See you then, Foogle, the greatest cinematic star of all.
    ahh I'm going to miss you! <3 Wishing you the absolute best, hope things go well for you as you deserve!! I can send a discord request but I'm so bad at replying to 1:1 messages so brace yourself for that hahaha
    I understand. It was fun knowing you and I'm glad we could reconnect even if it was short lived. Feel free to contact again if you ever change your mind. I'll be around. (probably).

    Happy that I could get you supporter status too.

    Best wishes to you.
    I deleted my discord. It was fun speaking with people I knew on here. Otherwise I'm not a large user of social media. Although here's the link to the server used here if you want it: https://discord.com/invite/pokecommunity

    We are probably around the same age. I would have grown up with Gen 5 too. I don't think it's much to do with Contrary. Grass typing is a struggle in these games unless it has a nice secondary combo. Maybe Serperior could have been the first Grass/Dragon. At least they didn't go full Gen 1 and make it Grass/Poison.

    Ultra Sun/Moon are some of my favorites (if not my absolute favorite) Pokemon games. I think the difficulty is perfect and honestly I like the characters. The cutscenes don't bother me at all. (Wish I could turn Rotom Dex off though).
    Yeah pretty much. I think the discord server has waaaay outgrown the forum. There's like 1,000+ people on at a time there.

    The cyndaquil will stick around. It gets changed when I'm bored but always comes back.

    The only starter trio I dislike is unova. Hopefully the new trio in Gen 9 will be okay.
    Just note that I am always available whenever you want to chat with me. :) I am also going to look into patching tools and guides. When I finish and learn about it, I'll get back with you and tell you about my experience.
    I'm glad to hear it. I'm doing well too. Oh, I'm sorry if I sounded like I was offended when I responded that day. That wasn't my intention at all and I wasn't offended. I'm not easily offended at all. I try to live up to my name the best I'm able. My tone when responding to that wasn't me being offended, but rather me not understanding how you could misread what I said. If anything, my reaction was meant to be a silly as in, "How in the world can you misread that." lol Trust me, I wasn't offended by anything you said, and I don't dislike you at all. In fact, based on our conversations, your forum posts, how outgoing you are on the forums, and the fact you sent me a friend request proves that you're a sweetheart. ?????? I wasn't ghosting you either. I just didn't have anything else to add to that conversation, so I decided to start a new one today. I have looked into it, but I'm not sophisticated with hacks, so as soon I can find a guide on how to hack it or play it or whatnot, I'll do that. I learned that I am fast learner though, as I was able to design my own flair without knowing a thing about CSS, so maybe I could get ROM hacks too. lol
    oh! lmao you're totally right i did say that! wow.. i guess i've picked up some typing mannerisms over the years. this Fairy is straight outta New Jersey haha.

    and awesome! i still have some staff things to catch up on but once that's done i'll PM you with your new profile and everything you'll need to apply it! :D
    omg you're too nice tysm! i am most certainly on the mend -- being out of hospital finally is a godsend lol.

    i admit i'll have to read back and make sure i have your requests right, aha. you approved the profile design... but let's be real it's been a month so if you want me to change the theme that's absolutely fine!!
    hey! i'm so, so sorry. i ended up getting extremely ill over the last few months. promise i will follow up asap!
    Yes! I can delete it if you like, but I don't think a bad/funny quotes thread is particularly bad, as long as the quotes fit in with the forum rules!

    Feel free to create a new one if you change your mind 😊
    oh nice! sounds cool! Maybe I did see some of that one too and forgot! Like I said it's been a long time since I watched any!
    tbf I haven't seen any of these since I was a kid, I would love to see the siblings in a game tho tbh, having watched the show back then.
    The other Sonic one I watched was the one where robotik had those minions with the rooster like robot one? Idunno if that's SATAM or w/e!
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