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  • You would have to complete their paralogues in order for them to show up in the epilogue/credits thing, as it only shows units that were recruited
    yeah I've been meaning to get it on switch, I just already have a huge backlog on there haha, I'll keep an eye out for the physical on sale!
    I used to love watching Sonic X, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Underground when I was a kid, X is technically anime I think :P did you watch any of those?
    I loved Heroes too, I played that on the OG xbox, and the advance titles on the GBA. I've heard really good things about Mania too, been meaning to eventually try that!
    I'll rewatch it one of the days, defo one worth going back to.
    I loved Rush and the OST, don't think I ever finished it tho, although I played both campaigns quite a lot. I played it on my DS when I was a kid back in 05/06. Another thing probably worth revisiting! (it's been over a decade since I played it! haha)
    yeah the one that was used & popularised in the daft punk vid? I've seen it some years ago, can't remember much about it tho!
    I'm about to hit 600 completed on MAL lmao, so you could say I'm pretty deep into anime!
    It's probably best to start with stuff that is objectively praised, aside from it's anime status like Akira, Ghibli, Your Name etc. As it's pretty safe bet you'd like some of those and could expand on your taste and choose shows from there. Ofc it's only worth watching whatever interests you.
    Personally I like all the "overblown" series you mentioned, the main issue when it comes to them (and a lot of anime that get popular) is the fandoms.
    No problem! A shame none of them seem for you! Love all of those games!
    Good luck finding some new 3DS games!
    Hey I saw you post that you're looking for new 3DS games to play. Idunno if you like Dragon Ball but both the DB 3DS games are pretty good, especially Fusions.
    I'd also recommend Bravely Default & Attack of the Friday Monsters (digital only).
    Idunno if you played any of those.
    Ah Dailymotion, I remember that site.

    True, that. The ending sort of wrapped it up in a sense, but seeing more of the universe of it would have been cool. Ah well.
    Hey now, Umbreon and Sylveon are pretty good! Umbreon is a good bulky disruptor, healer, and/or Baton Passer, and Pixelate Sylveon with Hyper Voice and Throat Spray, especially after copying its teammate's stat boosts with Psych Up is pretty good! Oh, you're a Drapion fan too? I love Drapion! I raised some in a good amount of my play-throughs. With it's critical hit class, Sniper ability, critical hit moves such as Cross Poison and Night Slash, and Razor Fang or Scope Lens as a held item, especially combined with the affection system in the later games that boosts critical hit ratio, Drapion is a great Pokémon for a normal play-through! By the way, how do I go about playing Pokémon Blaze Black 2, sweetheart?
    Yeah, Serperior wasn't too great before Contrary, but Snivy was just too cute to pass up. Also, Serperior reminded me of the term "snake in the grass," but in her case, she actually was the grass too. Back then, when I played for fun for my play-throughs, I used an Action Replay code to unlock the starter Pokémon's hidden abilities. The Snivy line with Contrary was just so fun and op. I disabled the code when playing competitively though. I focus on cores sometimes too when building competitive teams. If not that, I use specific strategies, such as Baton Pass, Psych Up, and/or weather. When doing a regular play-through though, I mostly just try to focus on using Pokémon with as much coverage as possible offensively. During my regular play-through, I only limit myself to one story/box legendary, and only use it for a little while. Otherwise, I don't like using legends during normal play-throughs, but Reshiram always get special privileges. Competitively however, I use legendaries as often as I can depending on the rules. If they're allowed, it's almost impossible to reach Master Rank without them. As for ROM games, I'm willing to try it, but you have to tell me how I play them. As for the million $ ?, I prefer Black 2. I prefer Pokémon White in the first series because I love Reshiram, but I got Black 2 to get my own Zekrom as well.
    Yes sir! I love generation 5 too! I read your answer regarding your favorite generation and, regarding generation 5, we seem to have a lot in common. Generation 5 is also the gen that I started playing Pokémon with and Serperior is one of my all-time favorite starters. As for my Pokémon trainer card, yes I simply had to create one to give others an idea of what my trainer card would look like. I picked gen 5 because I identify with it the most. The team that I selected does represent my gen 5 team in a way, but they are also just a combination of my all-time favorite Pokémon that I use in each game in some fashion. I usually select the game's starter and five other Pokémon that are my all-time favorite, which tend to be on most of my teams.
    Yeah, initially I saw the One More Time video when that was fairly new on tv, but it was many years later I actually saw the whole film, after an online friend linked another song's part of the film on YouTube.
    Oh man >-< I barely passed the test myself, turns out I'm equally bad at every subject XD but I scrapped by. Good Luck with that!
    ah, tyvm! n_n; still gonna keep working though! i've already made some changes to match one of the pictures in your album, in fact!
    sorry for being afk! i've had some health issues come up since we last chatted. :( but just wanted to let you know that i still plan on working on the profile!
    How's the study go? I didn't take the ACT or the SAT, so I don't know what their like actually! I'm doing university classes under dual-enrollment so I took a different test to get in.
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