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The Foogle
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  • adulting is always hard D: honestly I feel like I will never know what I'm doing lol. Existing is tough sometimes.
    I also picked Serperior's line when I played Black 2. Great games with the best means to train our pokémon, out of every official games (not to count the amount of money we get from the treasures, and a gallery we can devote to raising pokémon's happiness)! Serperior's moves to regenerate HPs was quite useful! I also like Mewtwo, but I prefer Mew (can learn every move... and cuter! ^^). For the Dragon type, Salamence is my favourite!
    No problem at all. There's no limit so now that it's paid you'll keep the benefits forever.

    I'm not so great at customizing myself. I'll ask around for you. It might take a day or two
    You have some stats, you have a lovely shiny Vanillite, 50 points, and a ribbon so far! 😁
    This pokémon sure is! Yet, it's my second favourite. My first one is Charizard, the starter I took when I played Red all these years ago!
    What are your favourite pokémon ?
    That Vanillite is yours! You can make your own stats thread in this forum. It can be as creative, or simple, as you like! That way you have a record for future use :)

    You can certainly display your VPPs in your signature, many people do, although it might be easier having a link to your stats thread in your signature once you have several!

    The Vanillite was for an event, so it's fully raised, nothing further is required! You are eligible to start raising a new one alongside your forum posting whenever you like 😊
    To get creative with banners you need to make a payment and get supporter rank. So I taken care of it and paid it for you. Have fun! Also when you show up with the online user list, your name will be bolded blue now.

    Buuuut I don't really know how to make great stuff myself. I can try pointing you towards some people.

    That's alright. I don't really know which memes are popular right now either. I guess I need to get myself up to date.
    Oh dang it's been forever!! Welcome back! Lots has changed on my end like moving to Australia and getting married haha, can't believe so much has changed in under 4 years! How are you? :O
    I added you. However I didn't get any notification. I'm going to ask someone about this. Let me know if you need anything too since you just came back. Can't promise I can answer everything...but I can try.

    But yep I did have a Cyndaquil. I still use it from time to time. I almost switched back today, but I decided I'm fine with using butterfree.

    Also feel free to share any sort of memes. I always welcome them
    Yeah I think certain days are slower than others. It's a little slower these days in general. But that's okay. What ideas do you have for the new PFP picture?

    Well, I was pretty new here when we first messaged. I passed 10,000 posts the other day. Otherwise not much has changed, aha.

    Just let me know when you readd, so I don't miss the notification. I don't always see them.
    Hi there! I do remember you.

    It's going well. How is the revisit with Pokecommunity?

    A while ago I cleared out my friends list, but feel free to add me back anytime.
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