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  • Cool profile. Do you wanna join my friend's club? The club is called: "pikachu fan club". Me and my friend need three more to join the club. It's not really a club if it's just me and my friend.
    Good! I've been inactive at PC for so long, I'm starting to ache from missing all my friends. It's great to talk to you guys (and girls, and miscellaneous) again!
    I'm just creative like that.
    Well, you're the girl from the well, so you much not get much visitors down there, apart from the occasional coin toss. And even then, those people are too selfish to look at who's down there anyway.
    You should compliment her for me. But you're the one who followed her advice!
    I'm here to compliment your username, since it's wonderful and reminds me of something artistic - a book, maybe.
    Yum, popcorn. *takes out chocolate chip cookie*
    Tails: Where are you guys getting all this food?

    Tails: I...I don't...remember...
    Well, I can help with that!
    Tails: NO! I mean...Yes, yes, it's a plane. The Tornado. But I've been doing a few modifications recently, so it may not fly well.

    Oh, good! I really am sorry for the bad quality. >.<
    Dark: Sorry. She rubs off on people.
    I know! I'll bring in Fai, too! And then there's my Plusle partner in my Ranger game, my Pachirisu in the sequel, and of course my two rescue teams in both games as well as my Sky game...
    Dark: Oh, no...

    When you walk away~
    You don't hear me say~

    The size of the planet.
    Tails: That's little?
    Yes. It could be the size of the universe. Take your pick.

    How do you think she views Sonic, Cosmo?

    Wally, think of it this way. In the Pokemon games, there's a green counterpart who shares your name. He's bedridden. That means he can't run away from the fangirls. Well, except when he's got that inhaler...but hey, that's in the manga. Doesn't technically count.
    Tails, are you going to help?
    Tails: Er, well, I don't really think I'll be needed for this fight. *points to Sonic*

    Hrm, seems like a good enough idea. Sonic, you can drive, can't you?
    Clo~: Sonic, a word of advice. It doesn't matter if you can or not, just say yes.
    Tails: PLEASE!
    Clo~: Oh, yeah...for his sake too.
    See, I told you he was alive!
    Clo~: You weren't sure?
    I like to think of it as a different view on 'dead' and 'unconscious'. I play Final Fantasy, after all.

    Oooh, my Vulpix in my LeafGreen card and my Staraptor in my Diamond card! And then of course there's my Luxray in both versions...
    Dark: She has a fetish for this. You know she finished that picture of you and your sister?
    Yep! And I made sure to color their rings right! 8'3
    Dark: It's horrible quality though.
    ...T.T Well, I can always re-outline it if Umbra doesn't like it...

    All right! Yeah, this was what I was thinking of, just in Japanese. Argh, confusion.

    Tails: Sonic...get us...out of...here...
    Aw, why? I don't want you to leave. <3

    Okay, here's one: Tails thinks of you the same way Amy views Sonic. Get it?

    'Wally' reminds me of a kangaroo. "Wallabee". So yesh, you're cute, not handsome.
    Most likely.
    Egghead: Wait, I thought you left!
    Nope, I'ma back. Hrmhrm. ;D

    *Ccch* Maybe you should ask around for someone with a ride?
    Clo~: Good idea. Oh, and Sonic, I'm pretty sure it's too late for Tails. Four months under such conditions...I don't know what to say.
    Hey, he's still alive. It's all good.

    Wait...there's a word for this sort of situation...
    Dark: Oh no...
    IT'S A HAREM! 8D
    Dark: How is this a harem? We have an equal number of males and females!
    Not for long. *takes out HG/SS DS card* I wonder what my Typhlosion will look like as a human.

    Wait, that isn't the beginning of the song I'm thinking of...Is there a vid on YT for it so I can check?

    *glomps Tails*
    Tails: Wait a minute! I didn't even get to say anything!
    This is a problem why? *continues glomping*

    Hmm, perhaps a comparison would be a better description. Okay, Cosmo, what you're thinking of is something like the relationship between Cheese and her Chao. Understand so far?

    Oh, I saw an episode a while back, it was the one with his little bro~ <3 That thing is so cute. No wonder Wally hates being around him.
    It's okay. I haven't talked to a lot of my firends in a while, either. SPeaking of which, I need to get bac ion touch with zappy and clo!
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