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  • Ah, got the answer why the glitch didn't appear for me in 1.0.

    I normally play & test roms in my nougat cell w/ a fairly up to date My Boy emu.. but w/ Wob, I decided to play both runs in my old ock dual core tab w/ a very outdated my boy made for JB OS. Appears my emulator was allowing for frame skipping for some reason, plus that tab isn't very fluid to begin with. After adjusting the frames (still seems to skip a hair though), the glitch did show up but could still battle that NPC. Hmm.. though i really like playing this in that tab, i'll probably move it all into my cell instead.

    ... Man & I was hoping I landed that lucky haunted download w/ Buried Alive & Wobhand, ohhh well. xD
    yeah that should have happened to me just like the other user w/ it being from Wypod and all.

    lol.. does that mean I'm gonna be the lucky one who's stuck with a Buried Alive & Wobhand? :P
    my god, that pic is insane...

    i even loaded my older save to double check after seeing that & it still didn't happen to me in 1.0
    Well tbh, I never ran into a ROM hack before that didn't have some kinda goof in it. Just the nature of the beast when it comes to doing that sort of stuff.
    ... Idk how you people manage to do it without driving yourself up a wall, even doing it in the simplest respect. xD

    Yeah, I was very unlucky in the beginning of that one indeed. Yeah I noticed that later on. :)

    Ah still good reasons none the less. :)

    Thank you for letting us play such an interesting hack!
    I just gotta say flat out... you "really bad at coding", you're such a liar. :p
    .... as far as a difficulty hack goes (in the most blatant respect), with a what if being- "what if everything was also melded to look/behave like wynaut/wobbuffet line"... you did a superb job!

    I'm playing 2 separates runs of it...
    - one without using any cheats (barely made it to Pewter in 10 hours of getting my butt kicked, so far xD )
    - and another using my FR cheats, proceeding at a much faster pace.. as you could imagine xD

    One thing I gotta ask.. why is igglybuff, wobbuffet, & wynaut your favorites?
    ... I gotta admit though, those 3 poke names, in that order, do have a very nice ring to it. xD
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