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  • What? No! Don't worry, haha. Thought you were first anyway. Can make a race out of it (although it looks like you're gonna win big time... :P)
    Oh, that Xbox 360 game I heard about all those years ago? That had a show too, didn't it?
    Must've been interesting watching animated piñatas talking to one another.
    And I've joined a few clubs and posted in Pokémon General, but I'm still exploring and getting a feel for the place. I probably shouldn't be doing this when I'm prepping for finals here, but I should be able to find my own niche soon enough. Where would I find you?
    Wellll I don't really browse a tonload of forums in particular, but I am a prominent member (by that I mean I go there every day, not that I'm hot stuff there or anything...) on Anime Planet (cuz anime's great) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Cardmaker (I only made cards for the first year, then I just stuck around for the community). I'd recommend joining both if you like those things, unless you don't, in which case I'd say pass the hot potato elsewhere.
    What about yourself, any cool places I should know about?
    Nope, usually the host doesn't participate in their own event. It's discouraged to do so if there's a prize involved, but that can be avoided by just excluding the event host when deciding the winner.
    Do whatever you want. XD I usually see stuff I want to do while I'm doing other challenges and that motivates me to hurry up and finish so I can start with those. :)
    Yeah, I used to tackle like 4 or 5 challenges at a time, and I don't recommend that. XD Two at a time has worked really well for me. <3
    Awww, you should try to finish one! I try to limit myself personally. I'll only do two at a time. It really helps. :)
    Thank you my good sir, and I highly recommend it! It's as stellar as Helen Keller.

    Props to your username by the way, Sceptile is my numero uno.
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