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    Did you play that on Android? If so, how do you edit it?
    I just watched your LC montage and it's hilarious. Not to mention the editing, too. Cool montage, are you planning to make more?
    I remember loving it, and recently I've been wanting to rewatch it, because it's been a few years since I've seen it. It really left an impression. The ending messed me up. @w@
    Yeah but I missed PC not you. :P

    I took a drop last year so I was busy with coaching classes. :( But not anymore xD

    Lol ab toh exams chal rhe honge na tere? Meri behen ke bhi kal se hai becharre bacche xD
    The distribution of ROM files over PC, whether it be through posts or PMs, is against the rules, and so by extension asking for them is also against the rules.

    What you did wasn't that bad anyway, which is why I just deleted the post instead of warning or infracting.
    kinda? you didn't miss me? XD

    same old same old busy with classes and all
    what about you? how's college? :p
    Aw becharra... Maze kar xD

    Maine voh pure saal kiya bas kabhi kabhi post karti hu when i am super bored.
    Yup Yup I am. This is my last visit. :p
    Bye old man. :)
    Ab tak toh start bhi hi gaya hoga XD maze kar.
    Go Google it. :p I am too lazy to explain it. :P
    Haa na yaar. I don't Feel like coming online at all. I guess 4 years is enough.
    ohh chotta hai then. :P
    i have no idea bey. Pooch mat tu sacchi. yeh sab AIPMT ke vaze se ho reha hai. :/
    Lol okay. Mera kya jaa rhe hai :P
    {XD} enjoy man :P kitna lamba hai tera break? :p
    okay okay xD

    Good good. :P idk bahar ja ghumne ya phir koi new TV show start kar. :p
    Wah XD
    Naam bhi nhi suna voh phone ka aaj tak. {XD}

    Ohh all the best. :p
    Not much old man. Din bhar tp karti rheti hu mai. :P aur kuch toh nhi kar sakti mai ab.
    -_- ho gaya? I am not a padhaku man. -_- mera bas maan nhi karta yeh agar aane ka.

    Go study. Exams his ma yeh month mai? :p
    You did?! Finaaally. Which one? :P
    entarance exams, old man. Bhul gaya kya? >_>

    -_- she is. but engineering exams jaldi hote hai na medical se so....
    You slept for 11 and a Half hours? Wow :O
    All the best, old man.
    I am also gonna be busy in May with all the exams. :(

    Yup I am. I have the All India exam this Sunday :/ then I have to give 5 more exams.
    Meri sis ke bas 2 baki hai and mere sab baki hai :'( :'(
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