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  • Haha good good! How has life been treating you? Hopefully well in the past couple of months?
    Well wait no further! I am, indeed, doing quite alright (: Hopefully you are as well ^-^
    Thank you! It all happened rather quickly, within this past year, so when I came back to PC it was a surprise for some. The forums have helped me get through the tough year.

    I'm glad it went well for you. My last semester of college wasn't so hot and I wish I put in more effort despite the circumstances. However 20 credits is ridiculous, how did it feel? Most I've done was 15 credits, and they were all science. I'm curious o:
    Heya! I'm good, been very busy oh my. But I make time to Pokecommunity to relieve some of my stress haha. This year is going to be a lot busier for me with two babies instead of one, but I'll let the sweet sweet power of coffee keep me running. With black bags under my eyes and tripping all over the place, but awake with coffee.

    How are you doing? Even though I might be busy, I admit college can be just as demanding, or simply a demanding job.
    That depends on what forum it was and how long ago it was? Did you go by any other names?
    Awesome! If you prefer chatting there, then by all means go right ahead! Here or there, both are good to me. Whatever you prefer (:

    i see what you did there you silly scamp I have yet to wield one, so I'll tell you how that goes whenever the opportunity arises. I'm betting it will be a picture of me with confusion written all over my face as I admire the intricacies of the instrument. Or could be happy, that too.

    It's Medical Terminology. An easy class to say the least. Just a bunch of memorizing and understanding what root words, prefixes, and suffixes mean. Fun to me, but boring to some hahaha.

    Oh why thank you! I'm trying to keep it that way! All I've been drinking is water water water and more water. I've long abandoned the sodas and juices years ago. I definitely feel better about myself, but I do miss the taste of Mountain Dew.

    I have yet to try both, so this test is pending.
    It was a quote from the move, from the villain. It's a song that's been stuck in my head. However, I suppose I meant as in I like having friends online C:

    I searched them up, and you are correct. They definitely look complicated D: Although insanely cool to wield and show off to somebody.

    Wait, nah, really? Go you! c; Enjoy it while you can! I'm staying home, in my cozy bedroom. Signed up for a winter session class at college so I got a college class this break... so not really a break? It's an insanely easy one online, and it will help bump up my credits anyway.

    Nah, don't drink coffee. Yet. I'm sure I'll give in the day college really overwhelms me to the breaking point hahaha. Haven't reached that dreadful moment yet, thankfully.

    How interesting o: I never stopped to think about which I prefer more, I tend to interchange the two words (despite knowing that they both have distinct tastes). If that is the case... I'm not sure. I would have to actually go back and try both flavors and come back to you to tell? Cx
    I'm glad you do :) The more friends, the merrier! Or so I believe. I like knowing I have people on the other side. Princess and the Frog hahaha...

    PM sounds perfect :) Whenever you're ready sir!

    Guess I need to do some soul searching; never heard of a bassoon. Guess that's my homework haha.

    Aww thank you ^ ^ Good luck to you too in your future endeavors! (I didn't do so hot in the AP classes)

    I would have to try it o: Never drank much tea in general. While kinda similar in note, I love peppermint candy.
    You are right sir, I felt silly for a moment there cx I'll leave my name floating there for now until I find the need to rid of it.

    When I was first here in PC, I had quite a good amount of friends here! However, moving over to EGC and abandoning forums overall caused me to slowly lose contact with them. Right now I only keep in good contact with two, but that's thanks to social media. Otherwise they might have been swept away by the sands of time too ):

    Of course! I'm more than willing to give out my social media to you as well, although perhaps not here hehe.

    I think the clarinet is a beautiful instrument (: When it comes to what it produces, I mean. Flutes and violins are also among the instrument I would love to see others play. However, any instrument overall is amazing to see and hear. Perhaps my fascination with seeing others play it lies in the fact that I can't play anything yet, hahaha.

    Yep! Medicine! Physician, if everything goes well. Quite a while until I reach that goal, but until then I'll be here holding myself up. Almost done with my third year. And oooo, I remember when I was invited to join the STEM program at my school. Unfortunately, I was too stubborn and didn't join. I kind of regret it now, although I'm hoping you succeed with your plans! I'll be here for moral support!

    I was sick last week as well, but it was simply coughs, stuffy nose, and weakness. It went away, and I was under the assumption I was getting better, but it came back with a bad throat hah. It's what I get for surrounding myself with a family who is still dealing with the same thing c;
    Oh hahahaha, yeah, I blatantly stated out my name there. Anybody can lurk there and figure out who I am cx

    And yes! It has been far too long! If anything, I definitely missed many people from the forums, you included. Although, I didn't really keep in contact with many (if it wasn't too obvious, I'm not the best at keeping contact haha)

    Oh? State level? Oh oh OH! I see! Ironically, that's exactly what my little brother is hoping to learn one day. However, quite impressive. I have yet to learn how to play an instrument. Guitar and piano are probably the only ones I'm willing to put an effort into to learn.

    I'm still holding strong at college, came back home for the holidays here. Studying medicine, same old same old, yet I ambition to reach the top ranks. We'll see how far that ambition takes me hahaha.

    Sick with something, so at the moment my voice is dreadful. It's fun to play with and make sounds with cx
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