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  • Dusk Form Lycanroc:

    Hey! sorry for the late reply, i couldn't access to my account, i had problems with my password, but everything is back to normal now
    There's still a few issues but they're minor, for now. That'll work.
    Umm, I'll try, but it will take a long time... because I'm testing some scripts for event in Emerald, hope you can wait! (I saw MrDollSteak write in his resource thread: "GEN VI: COMPLETED" so I thought Furfrou's sprites had already done until i check up)
    No to the Primarina sprite. The rest are fine. For Kartana, we need those lines that were present on the original backsprite base. I also don't like the backsprite's arm.
    No, please don't waste time recoloring them. If he wants to do that, that's okay, but I'm
    not doing it.
    Hey. I mean this in the most non-bitchy way as possible, but I need you to be far more strict about the sprites you accept. A lot of ones that I've been rejecting are ones that you have/would approve, and goran darkening all those palettes should have been an immediate no. I can't be on 24/7 to guide you about what sprites to accept, so you need to be a lot more critical than you are right now.
    Here are 4 front sprites of ORICORIO I edited, hope them useful, if some points not ok, feel free to change them :)

    I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, I didn't login for a month... I will try with raw sprites first, if the pose and size OK, i will color and shade it. So what sprites u need? Now I have a lot of free time ^^
    Unfortunately due to the hectic schedule I've been trying to keep up with I've never really got the chance to work on any more icons.
    Uh yeah I can do it some time tomorrow. What has changed that I need to edit?
    Probably some time next week. I have been extremely busy with rehearsals and midterms.
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