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  • Yeah its a direct sequel, it follows the exact same series of events but from a different point of view. I do enjoy the games but from an objective point of view they are pretty mediocre. Mostly just like trying to gather together a cool looking team and kicking some butt (kinda like a cheaper version of pokemon.)

    I remember enjoying it, not sure why I never finished it though. Guess I wasn't to into the dungeon crawly style yet.
    Bought myself a copy of the sequel to that digimon cybersleuth game. Takes place during the same timeline as the other one but following some random kid with no relation to the original characters.

    Been forever since I played Strange Journey (don't think I ever finished it). Maybe I should get the remake as well.
    Yeah, skyrim certainly had its fair share of problems but it was a fun game with a lot going on.

    Smash looks fun as always. Only two new characters (well... and daisy but does that really count), but I guess when you have a 60 something man roster you don't need to add much.

    Pokemon is seeming alright. The multiplayer function doesn't seem to add much, and I'm kinda sad that it's only the original 151, but at its core it looks like a decent remake of pokemon yellow.
    Yeah well kinda felt like the e3 hype would be long gone by the time MAL got their act together.

    Speaking of some other cool stuff they showed off as well. Kingdom Hearts 3 is looking more and more fun to be honest (never thought I'd be excited to go back to the pirates of the Caribbean world). Also will probably end up devoting a sizeable portion of some future time to the 6th Elder Scrolls.
    My goodness have I not been on this site in years. Can't even log onto my old account because the damn thing won't send a password reset to my old email. (What the heck's going on with MAL anyways?)

    Just had to say though... have you seen that fire emblem trailer! Shit looks nuts. Love the whole commanding an actual army aspect.
    Ah, fate. Full of attractive busty maidens XD Should've expected that haha. And yes, makes sense then definitely.
    Hey! I'm curious about the character in your signature. Who is the pink haired character in your signature image along with luffy? I've never seen her. :o
    You can clone your TM. But most of them are useless. The only one I cloned was Shadow Ball in case I needed another.
    Loving your comment about the lack of movepools in GSC hahah. I had to rack my brain and think of movesets for them because it was so so so limited compared to now.
    Happy birthday my man. Kind of a shitty way to spend it with this hurricane but I hope you're doing alright :)
    Heh, no problem.

    And...er...sorry about just sending it out of nowhere like that. My body just autonomously does weird things when I find myself with a little freetime -.-'
    Oh, for real? :) It's definitely worth a go, in my opinion - the puzzles can be quite challenging. Ace Attorney is kind of a VN xD It's got text-based story, although it's also focused on finding evidence for the trial, which makes it a bit point and click, almost? The AA games are great!
    I'd say I'm the same, although both RPGs and puzzle games mostly :) I like Point & Click Adventure too, like Monkey Island - those are fun! I've been getting more into VNs too recently, like 999 and Virtue's Last Reward (kind of puzzle games too). If you haven't played it, 999 is a really great game! Haha, FFIX is one of my favourites, it's was nice to have a game that was fantasy but also had things like airships. It had a good story too!
    Oh cool, thanks :) I think I might have a copy of Graces f somewhere (my sister picked up a bunch of games a while ago), so I'll give that a go! What kinds of games do you generally play?
    I know! It's hard to keep up with them now xD I picked up Atelier Rorona but foolishly got stuck on one mission (I should try again with that soon).

    Yes, I loves Tales of the Abyss, although I haven't played any other yet :) Are there any you'd really recommend to play after TotA? (I was very taken with that game and I'm worried others might not match it).
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