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  • Haw! In my opinion, your avatar is the best, because nothing suit their ownere as much as yours suits you....
    I've only been to Singapore and Malaysia with him, but not the states :V But I do plan to visit the state's sometime soon, my brother's a Tampa resident. Anyway, we have nothing coming in for Christmas ( apart from this, we got just two days off).
    Not all is dull, though, as my aunt's here for a fortnight. She's a very pleasant lady and is a friendly person. So we're looking forward for some good family time, hehe.
    Oh, definitely, I was especially surprised by the 5 IVs on Snom! Modest, too! I feel kind bad I sent bad IV spreads now.
    And yes, hopefully, I do want to build a grandiose collection of aprimons eventually but Trade Corner is a little slow for those types of trades right now, so who knows, we might just end up trading again soon~
    Hi again! Christmas was your lucky time, haha :D Getting anything this year?
    When my father visited the US, he bought a DS Lite for me. First, I only had Mario Kart, but slowly my library grew as he went for more visits. He brought me Super Mario 64 DS, Partners in Time, Pokémon Dash and of course, Pearl. This was pretty much how I got into gaming. It was in 2008.
    My favourite Pokémon in this generation are Copperajah, Toxtricity, Eiscue and Dragapult lines. I liked their design MD some of their stats as well! And of course, Appletun and Clobbopus have great deigns too, and it's amazing how they pulled off an apple pie dragon. Did you begin with Fire red/ Leaf green?
    Kaboom here comes the late reply! I would have chosen Scorbunny because I thought it's cute! Also, I love fire types. But yeah, I guess this generation's Pokemon might not for everyone's tastes, hehe. They might be a bit too humanoid?
    And did you like any other pokemon?
    Aye, that's neat, but my visa for Galar will be ready once I graduate :) It's so good to see people enjoying Sword and Shield I was nearly brainwashed by all the hate, to be frank, but then I watched some gameplay, played Showdown with new Pokémon and then kaboom, my respect for Galar has increased! Who's your starter, by the way?
    Oops, late reply, sorry XP I'm doing great! Haha, Bagon wants to fly and I thought that pic would suit my name. Instead of going for a bird, I thought this would be cute... Enjoying the stuff in Galar?
    Want to trade Pokemon? I have a super ultra shiny meowth the one that matches my trainer ID, supposed to be rarer then other shinies as they sparkle with shards, not stars, willing to trad sit for a legendary.

    I have many other Pokemon too, I keep and collect so I have a lot. Just tell me what you need And I'll see if I have it for trade.
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