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  • It's closer to 2 years.

    Glad to hear from you dude, I'm hoping you're doing well.

    EDIT: Sometimes I wish I had a way to contact the friends I've lost, people like you... but I realize it wasn't meant to be. Though you will probably never read this, I wish you a wonderful life. Keep strong, stay tough, bud.
    Ah hey everyone! It's been over a year since I last came on and I'd like to say that I'm not dead. I will be permanently leaving the pokecommunity however. But before I do, I'd love to give you updates on what's been happening:
    - I moved to London on February.
    - IPodAppleID is no longer my Minecraft account, I gave it away to a girl in my old class before leaving Brazil.
    - My interest in Pokemon has been fading since X and Y came out...
    - I still love you all!
    Yours truly,
    TheFallenUmbreon aka The guy who's embarrassed of his old immature posts and threads xD
    One fact about my life:
    Once I had this turtle who was named Tanny, I have no idea why, but Antonio named it.
    Hey everyone. I'm back :D
    I'm moving to Belgium in a few weeks, so goodbye Brazil :(
    I wont be visiting here frequently, all depends on time.
    Gotta say, I missed alot of you. Really hope some of you are still around
    It breaks my heart to see that you've gone too. I miss the good ol' days of chattin' it up..

    I hope, maybe one day, we shall chat again, my friend.

    Team Rocket's blasting off again..
    OMG you're leaving forever?

    Guess our time as PC friends has come to an end... but still contact me on Serebii, kay?

    that's good you know how to do all of that.
    well im always here if you need help(:
    how have you been doing
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