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  • Hey buddy, wasup :)

    Survivor Final, u need to Vote. U did the PM, with the instructions, right?

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Hey nish wasup,

    I sent u a PM titled "Calling all Troops! Calling all Troops! Report on Duty immediately!", regarding Survivor PC. Can u join the Group Chat mentioned? I'll send u the details for the Voting process soon.

    I hope u will Vote :).

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Whew, job as a president is ex-treme af haha, but still though I am missing my home and that is this community right here.
    Of course I can understand, jst asked coz wuz my duty as the host :). I've gone through the same pressure just a few yrs back, so I can totally relate to that.

    Astrophysicist huh, that requires lotsa hard work. Just concentrate on ur studies & hey wish u all the luck there buddy {:3}.
    hey nish, wasup :).

    Just wanted to ask, are u interested in being back in Survivor PC? The Wild Card Round will be up soon, so tell me if u take part in it.

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Heyo, and yeah, I think Alolan Ninetales have gained many fans the moment it has been revealed. :)
    Definitely happy, because now I won't have to see short hair Serena again, and I can finally change my theme to something else.
    The two infos are connected, so the leak is indeed real and Mallow will be our new female companion. And you know her hair can't grow back unless a timeskip occurs (It's a long time for hair to grow that long again).
    There was leaked concept art of the Alola starters' final evolutions almost two months ago, and one of them included Ash and a new girl, who happens to be one of the trial captains Mallow.
    Yeah lol :p Fire Emblem in Europe took months longer than US/Japan to come out :p
    I'm gonna try to get my GPS fixed soon
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