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  • Probably doesn't break anything. I think v16 added stuff to the loading screen though, so you won't have that.
    That's a basic RMXP skill. There are hundreds of tutorials on the Interweb about how to do that.

    Also, I'm not a help-desk. If you have questions, ask them in the forum, not to me personally - other people might also benefit from the answer, but not if the question is hidden away in a profile conversation.
    Which patch? If you're talking about my hack, it will be released on Thanksgiving. If you're talking about my resource, that is currently on hiatus due to my hack.
    Don't hesitate to reply with any questions or comments.
    Okay, make sure you ACTUALLY repointed the type chart, as in, replaced all the pointers to it. And also, double check you put the right hex for "Fairy Dark 2x" in the chart. Also double check that you are actually using a Fairy type move. If it doesn't work after all that, I think you should redo that entire process just to be extremely sure. If it doesn't work after all of THAT. Well, we'll see when we get there.
    Hey there, I'm just on a messaging spree trying to find people on Friend Safari. If you have free space on your friend list, did you want to exchange FCs? Mine is 4210 4586 2229
    You probably applied it wrong.

    You need a blank copy of Fire Red.
    Then you apply it using Lunar IPS.

    Also if you read the main post, YAPE does not work, you'll need to use
    Pokemon Game Editor.
    I could, but there's no point. The fairy type doesn't have any type effectiveness, and all the atk is ridiculously weak.
    Okay, I'll get to fixing it. Also, would you be interested in testing a beta release of the update?
    Yes, it probably is. Somebody else has reported a bug too. I admit that it was a quite a while ago, and I've been lazy in fixing it. I've suffered a lack of will to program anything pokemon-related for the last year or so, and for that I apologize. I'll try to work up the courage to correct the error and make a new version soon.

    Can you provide the exact steps that you do to cause/replicate the bug? Is it only the contest appeal that gets messed up? Such things would help me out a bunch. Have any other suggestions/problems?
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