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    Hey thethethethe!I want to ask how can i find graphics of fire red in tile molester
    Um, would you be a lamb and explain what exactly had to be changed in the little tiny section in the pokescript tut where it said something akin to "Try this in your ROM, it didn't work did it? Change (Deleted picture) to (other deleted picture)? I just need to know what those pictures were of...
    Hi! I hope I'm not bothering you that much and that you have time to help me out with this...

    I'm trying to edit Pokemon Crystal tilesets and I believed I've edited about 70% of it. Now I need to deal with the compressed images. I have successfully extracted and reinserted the edited tilesets using AgiXp by using the offsets I found by Googling.

    For the uncompressed images, I normally use VBA's Memory search method and using a Hex Editor to find the offset but it doesn't work with compressed images. Is there a much faster and accurate way in finding the offsets for compressed images than scouring the internet for someone who might've provided and found the offsets?

    hello dude would you please help me i'm making a hack for pokemon ruby and i wanted to make a script using PKSV to allow the pokemon picture to appear while talking to the person like in the hack which is called : Pokemon Ruby Destiny-Life of Guardian i think so and i did every thing right but when i talk to him the pokemon colors appears to different like this : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/72/imageerror.png/
    Ill be really happy if you helped and sorry if it was a long message :)
    Do you know how to make an event happen after a specified time period? I want a line of code to continuously execute every five minutes after it was initiated. Please, I have looked everywhere for an answer and no one has posted anything.
    Hello I know this isn't where I should put this, but it told me your personal inbox was full. What Pokemon ROM do I use for Pokemon Legend of Dragon? I'm new here and that one looked pretty cool.
    Please I want to make a game how POKEMON TRE. Its Room of pokemon old edition RBGY I want a make a room of this How I edit the scripts, actions and more in this roms
    Hey if I write the following script in notepad and then compile it with pokescript there is a little problem,

    #org $start
    message $1
    boxset 5
    compare LASTRESULT 0x1
    if b_true goto $take
    message $2
    boxset 6

    #org $take
    givepokemon 4 5 0
    message $3
    boxset 6

    #org $1
    $1 1 =I'm sorry, I can't take care\nof my Charmander.\pCan you take care of it for me?

    #org $2
    $2 1 =That's okay. I'm sure someone\nelse will take it.

    #org $3
    $3 1 =\c\h01\h02You received a Charmander!

    The problem is that although I press yes or no at message $1, it does not give the Charmander, but simply go to message $2 and says "That's okay. I'm sure someone else will take it."

    What can I do, whats the problem?????

    Please help me.....
    Fair enough, I suppose everyone reaches that point every now and then heh.
    How've things been for ya?
    Hey man, remember me from the old Rocket's Revenge days? How've you been?

    If I recall correctly you've kind a stepped away from the hacking world after RR and LoD, but, if you'd be interested in joining a team again, I'm assembling one.

    I think the problem with a lot of hacks is that it's hard for one person to do it alone, but having multiple people spread across the world lead's to disorganization. Long story short, I got some of my friends together, so that a good portion of the work can be done by people all in the same room, but I'd still like to have some skilled people from PC join the team too, and I always thought you were pretty awesome.

    Let me know if you're interested :)
    thats ok. i didn't expect everyone to accept, but it would've been nice to have you on the team....
    Just wanted to say hello to someone who seems to be a really good hacker. I've seen your titlescreens, they're great.
    OK, me and my two friends xenion and r0bert have been working on a very complicated team. we've requeted about 60 members to join us and we need at least 3 ASM hackers and all we could find were you three(yes this message has been sent to three ASM hackers) everyone else received a short invitation but you guys are really neede and are of great value to the team. will you consider to join the team as ASM hackers. your postition will be great among us. please visit the POKEMON THE 3RD DIMENSION group then pm me with you decision. of course, i'm not the leader i'm a co-leader and my job is to recruit the best and i'm a scripter and tile inserter for the team. don't blindly say no. we really need you.
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