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  • Yeah, though i don't visit much, and i haven't been hacking for over a year, my skills will have dropped dramatically before i even bother to try again.
    Wow, very original:D
    But It will have wild pokemon, while you walk on the world map, right?
    HI :D, Yes I want to know the Feature. I Posted my hack in Progressing hacks too-Pokémon Colossal.
    wahaha!! bat nag ka BSOD yan??? usually kung mag occur ang BSOD ay yung kapag may nasirang hardware sa loob...baka tinapon mo yang lappy mo..^_^...ok lang yan...ako rin nga eh... unable to hack...kc...school mode...haha...
    Opo nakaindex na po. Kasi nung chineck ko ung palette sa paint eh diba yung mga colors doon na pagpipilian, yun yung palettes ng tile. tapos inisa-isa ko, npncin ko na may magkakapareho.
    hahah!! adik mo nmn sa pokemon hacking...you remind me of my hacking time along with our hacking team back then... ^_^
    Nung chineck ko ung palettes sa paint, may magkakapareho na palette, tingnan mo ung pic sa baba. nandyan ung palettes.
    I don't mean to offend you in any way, but I won't need it. But, thanks for the offer, though. :D
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