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  • Hey, I wanted to pass on a message from xilfer123. He's leaving PC, for good, he says, and he wanted to let you know. That's all..
    I might've heard of mafia games MAYBE. But not werewolf games. What kind of games r we talkin bout here? :P
    LOLOLOL, Right you are again, my bro.

    A friend of mine just told me that her Roleplay needs one more roleplayer. you once told me you wanted to try it out. Why not now? If you're interested. Here's the RP:


    You just read the whole first post, it'll explain what to do. If ya still don't get it, try the RP rules and other stickies.

    This RP isn't about Pokemon, mind you, just so ya know.
    Haha, that would be hallelujah. No, more like just friends, for now.
    It's freaky, now I'm thirteen, I'm almost exactly what I wanted to be when I was twelve. I'm way more muscled (been workin out), and I have a crush. I MIGHT be getting a dog soon, and things are going pretty damn well :D

    I'm meeting my crush around Thursday or Friday this week. Cuz we live far away from each other, it's hard to meet, To her, an hour's drive is long, but to a goddamn townie like me, it's fine. xD So I'm going around her place.
    Sweet! Something similar happening here, actually. i have a crush too now. This time I think she's THE ONE. I mean, me and her have EVERYTHING in common. We talk over the phone almost daily now, and we're even friends on Facebook. Too bad she lives an hour's drive away, tho. I met her at a meeting for homeschooled kids about a month ago. :D
    Yup. I got through all of arcade mode with Jecht, Cloud and Lightning. Still a bunch more to go :P
    So, how are you Steino?
    lol, Dissidia. I was given the option to get any FF game I wanted, Dissidia was one of my options. What's it like?

    Great, reading it now.
    LOL, Da's ok.
    I got a PSP and a great game for it. :D
    Not to mention an awesome Homer Simpson b-day card. xD
    Yeah, I guess. Or mibbit if we wanna go all random. Going random on Skype just aint the same thing. xD
    We have to find another way to communicate. I mean, imagine if you quit PC. I'll lose a bro.
    I'm taking a break for PC. Only checking in every now and then.
    Mine ends the sixth. But I'm ot going back to skool :P
    I know. You're not offending anyone. He's weird. No doubt about it.

    Well, you know, stuff. A lot. But not much worth telling about. And not much worth remembering either. xD
    Good n bad I suppose. Can't give exact details, but some nerd said he was willing to punch my sisters because they liked his dog, weird, I didn't know nerds could punch. xD

    Anyway, mainly good. I honestly can't believe how much has happened in the time gap that we haven't talked. :D
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