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  • dang yeah, when im playing a good game i normally have to play it like nonstop. the first time I got Pokemon X i played it all night and beat it the next day haha. It's such a good game though, I can't wait to see what the next Pokemon game is going to be!

    anyways, im going to bed talk to you tomorrow. best of luck hatching a 6iv eevee. :)
    oh yeah, theyre both cool megas. when i saw mega charizard turn into that scary looking, dragon thing it just amazed me! yea it would be cool to have them i just feel like there are just too many for it to happen at this point. The eveelutions are really special pokemon tho, so it could happen one day.
    omg yes, mega charizard X is such an awesome Pokemon! that's the pokemon I chose for Pokemon X too. I think it would be cool if the made megas for the eveelutions but i dont think it will happen. :c
    Wow Umbreon is actually my favorite one too! Idk why he is, it's not that he's necessarily stronger than any of the others he's just a cooler Pokemon in my opinion. Yeah, Sylveon's pretty cool too but I like Umbreon a lot more! Are the eveelutions your favorite of all the Pokemon?
    Sure, hope you have a good time here. I really enjoy it here, there's tons of fun things to do. It just depends on your interests.
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