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  • Since I didn't hear from you yesterday I assumed that you needed a few days more. When you're ready to rejoin just get in touch with any of the admins. Fairy and Fact-Checking Gardevoir will be waiting for you with open arms :) I hope that all is still well.
    I totally feel that, same with me. Kinda crazy in it's own way, being back. lol
    It's totally okay, thanks for taking the time at all.

    This is a general guide to navigating the website, which I guess the way I worded my question makes it seem like an apt response lol. But I more so meant how to spruce up the posts themselves. Examples would be properly sizing pictures in the context of travel journal entries, or things like people posting their teams using models
    Hey, I wanna start tracking my goals in pokemon games in the Travel Journals section, but also wanna spruce the entries up and make them look more appealing than just walls of text. I'm not very used to posting on websites like these, so is there a guide of some kind that could help me understand it better?
    is it okay to post a travel journey thread if i'm just tracking pokedex completion progress? weird question probably but it's not like i'm "traveling" bc the game is complete but i wanted to make sure lol thought it would be fun to track when i start...if i don't get lazy anyway.
    Same! Had a baby immediately once quarantine started so I got cabin fever big time. Now I'm dealing with my dumb family not taking the pandemic seriously.
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