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  • Oops sorry i thought we had one already because i was reading the front page and you said we did I'll go fix it
    Ah, okay. That sounds cool. Of course, I don't think Kaylin will be able to put two and two together right then. :D
    Oh trust me, I do. I will put that Pokeball to good use (either this route or the next). I also understand that you had trouble thinking about what kind of items to give. To be honest, I laughed too when you told me and I read that I got the handshake. Then it was like I was waiting for the next punch-line that would go something like "Oh, hey, but I'm just kidding, here's your real item". When that didn't come...I kind of got mad.

    But, it's my fault. Like I said before, I shouldn't had talked behind your back and be more patient. I don't blame you at all and I hope there is no hard feelings. *hands out a cookie*
    No, but the prospect of a return does help modivate one a bit, like doing a job and getting paid for it. I was just really angry and I thought that the post I wrote was worth a bit more then a hand shake. I'm sorry for talking behind your back, but I didn't know if a conversation would help me at all, or just put me lower on the totempole.
    Well its good to try and do as bet that you can. Oh wow, that is a lot.

    Nobody is perfect, people slip up every once and awhile. People should double check anything they do.
    Yeah, that is true. They dont seem ike the kind of people people would want to hang out with. it would be sad to have worked hard and then be taken off the staff afterworking tirelessly.
    Ah. Well I'm sure your do good on your finals. ^^ And I'm sorry to hear about not being a moderator anymore but free time is also a great thing to have.
    Hey, sorry about that. I would have posted it all at once but my phone was dying. I didn't want to lose what I had already put so I posted it. My post is complete now.
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