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  • mind if i add you on skype considering i can't stand vm convos lol
    i think nz bogans are more soft-core than aus ones lmao
    they're more likely to engage in calling into rock stations and complaining about the maori & the muslims than organising rallies and marching down the streets a la pauline hanson
    i think they're all dead or have been dormant for so long they're negligible at that point
    the real danger to the city are the bogans in the west
    i just realised it says 'sydney, australia'
    i can't read anything on my phone
    oh no that's just the south island
    up here the worst disaster would be if the dormant volcano in the central city bay went off or if there was a tsunami caused by an earthquake somewhere else
    in any case death would be swift

    which part of aus are you in
    auckland in nz lol
    so while we typically don't get the sheer dry heat pumped straight in from hell like you australians, auckland is a constant source of humidity 7/8 months out of the year and is like walking through water at times
    in the off-season it's constantly raining so lmao
    the australian summer doesn't seem like something worth living through
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