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Tooi Akogare
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  • oooo did you? i stuck with my mistakes hahaha. you could!! in trying to get your tie you can just accidentally get a huge headache and then when you turn on the lights you die. i also haven't played in months haha, only just let the game update in the background. hard core to the core mode is defs interesting to try though :pensive:

    i'm good!!! been stalking the forums mostly lmao
    that is fair tbh i took a modified thinker build (5 intellect, 2 psyche, 1 fysique, 3 motorics) and i automatically died to the ceiling fan
    i got lucky with musclehead though!! i was so scared i was about to die when i tried to out kung fu him omg

    also welcome to pc hahaha how r u
    I'm accepting anyone who wants to join, does up the sign-up form, and gives me a good writing sample! :)
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