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  • No Problem! I'm looking forward to it, too!
    as for my artwork, I do have an Instagram account. My name is Szkyetrix294 and I have many drawings of art I've done on Colors! 3D. I also like to take pictures of nature. Come check it out if you like!
    Aw, thank you! I'm a big fan of angry Todo. And yeah, at the very start it was clear to me that Beedrill was the best choice. Like you said, smart, sophisticated, sharp.
    Wow, you listen to ABR too?! Yeah, Fault Line is super good and I listen to it frequently (at least I used to before going all out on video game music).
    The lyrics are great too, especially:
    Tell me your stories
    I'll lend you my ears
    Tell me your horror
    I'll make it disappear
    The games are so easy it doesn't really matter if you use multiple of the same type, though! Although even knowing this it's just something I never did, haha. I did have the issue of wanting to use the red Gyarados as well after I'd picked Totodile though.

    The elemental punches are pretty cool, but they're frustratingly inaccessible for the majority of Pokemon that can learn them because they never seem to be part of a Pokemon's moveset by level up, and things like move tutors and heart scales always seem to be quite scarce until the endgame. Or worse, they're egg moves and you have to go through the tedious process of breeding for them. Maybe I'm just impatient and don't like putting the work in when I don't have to in order to beat the game, though! Running multiple type moves on a single Pokemon is always fun, though...at least when said Pokemon will allow you too. In a lot of my playthroughs I find I have multiple moves of the same type and that bugs me too. xD

    I seeee. Yeah, I found Black 2 much more enjoyable than Black, if only because of the PWT and because I didn't have to use trashy Unova Pokemon only. Are you playing a ROM or an original version? If the latter I'd say just get Dream Radar, put your cartridges of previous games in, and go through it with Lugia/Ho-oh/Dialga/Palkia/Giratina for laughs. Did you ever do the Arceus event in HG/SS? Running around with a Level 1 creation Legendary was ridiculously fun, haha. I replayed Yellow a couple of years ago, if you go through it now then good luck to you - it hasn't aged as well as it could have!
    I already had a Pikachu in Red too and I've never wanted to have two types the same, unless they're duel types...and even then I frown on doing it. So yeah, not much going for any of them on that front either. I'm sure they can work in competitive teams now, but as I've been out of that scene for a loooong time that's not really a plus point for me.

    I'm afraid you're asking the wrong person there - I've played the Gen V titles through exactly once, when they were first released, and once was enough! I don't remember much of my Black 2 playthrough other than that I had a lot of Legendaries early on because I had the Dream Radar, and I think I had a Mareep too? I know Black 2's dex is significantly better than the original's as it isn't Gen V only, but I'm afraid that's all I know ^^;
    Well, I never found any particular use for Eeveelutions back when I played competitive (waaaay back in Gen IV) so I guess that's part of it, but if I'm being completely honest it's more a question of aesthetics than it is anything else. Asides from Glaceon, I just don't really care for their designs...Vaporeon especially. I never found them all that useful when I was younger either - they didn't get many moves in Gen I compared to other Pokemon (and by the time you could get Eevee it was several levels below my team) and the day/night happiness evolution in Gen II was irritating. I don't begrudge people their preferences, but they're just not mine is all.
    Well...honestly, asides from Glaceon I've never particularly like Eeveelutions, haha.

    I'm afraid I've never seen MHA and know nothing about it other than that it's absurdly popular for some reason ^^;
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