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  • I have another gay male friend who liked Birch too. He got over him over some quote he said that he disliked, though. I think i've always liked females, even though I didn't have a major female crush really till I got into Korrina (at age 26). I've grown up pretty insecure and fearful over things, so part of why I likely didn't embrace my les side so much when I was younger was, I had an 'idea' in my head I HAD to be straight, just cuz i was a girly girl all my life, and liking other females could 'take that away' from me due to that. I'm so glad to have learned over time that isn't true. I think i've always naturally liked other girls, and it show's with how much i adore korrina :) There's such a thing as a lipstick lesbian; which are lesbian girly girls who like other girly girls^^ That kinda suits me with my crush on korrina a little. She's kind of a girly girl, though she's also a tomboy too. She look's pretty girly overall though with the long hair and sunglasses and dress lol.

    I'm a pretty sensitive person, so we should try to stay upbeat when we talk to each other. I've grown up homeschooled and rather sheltered too. Because I was always so innocent, and have my autism that makes me not like change much, i value my innocence. It plays a part in why I value being girly, too, and it hurts a lot when people tell me girly girls are bad people. I don't want to think i'll end up bad myself :(

    Talking about crushes with you could be really fun. Also, my friend Donna Baines on here is also a lesbian, so feel free to befriend her too :) And if you have more unhappy things to talk about, you could probably more easily reach out to her over them. I doubt she's as overly sensitive and easily spooked out as I am. I still like being your friend though :)

    Whats some reasons you chose Treecko as your username? :3 i'm curious.

    Pikachu and Jirachi were my top two favorite pokemon when i chose my name in the year 2004.
    I've sent you a friend request :) Sadly, as it was sending, i noticed that the site wouldn't send you a notification for it o_o;;

    No wonder no one here was answering my vms.....

    Also, i'd like to hear about some of your same sex crushes, too :3 Its nice to meet people i can relate to. I also like making friends with people who have autism like I do. I've met many of them on serebii's. Do you maybe have autism too? If not, thats fine. Plus its cool to meet someone I can relate to when it comes to liking the same sex (even if i was maybe more into males a lot before getting into korrina. but i still love korrina like its no one's business X3)
    yeah i live on twitter but its the only place i can be total trash and be accepted so its ok 8D
    i think you should stick around and be active! pc always needs more gays like us
    weyyy thanks for that hbd four years ago looool. Yeah I actually liked legend of the twilight despite the fact it's one of the least popular .hack series :]]
    So, what are your thoughts on the new starters for Sun & Moon?

    (I also said happy birthday on Tumblr, by reblogging a post hehehehe)
    yes :X

    I usually read this threads on forums like reddit. And when you have these advice threads by 30 year olds for people in their 20s, they are like we still don't know what we are doing, everyone is just hacking their way through life :/
    I came across this fanart that was one of many inspired by the Genghis Khan video, and one of those who reblogged was Ninian Doff, who was actually the director of said video.
    I found most tracks good so far. The only one I really didn't like was For You and that was mainly due to Charli XCX's presence on the song. Her high-pitched vocals are just something I don't picture well with Miike Snow.
    no like I'm still a kid at heart xD

    but yes I don't think I have peaked yet. I have absolutely zero street smart skills. I don't know driving, swimming, I run the other way if I see a group of tough looking guys, I'm meek and I don't even have a driving license and I still live with my parents. Living with parents is still ok where I live though.
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