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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Yeah, just send the Pokemon descriptions via PM and I'll sketch em up - I'm sometimes on to ask my friends a few things about essays since he did waaay more than me. xD
    But other than that no - or I end up chatting too much. :x
    Well, I'm kind of busy doing my extended essays - but I go on sometimes to browse around - I can still do sketches though.
    I just thought maybe you could gimme a description of some of the fakemon's so that I can start the sketches and concepts. ^^
    Hey I say your pokemon origins and thought it was really interesting so I could be able to be your item spritist
    Yo, how are you? Doesn't seem like much is going on with the project, is it dead? xD
    In any case, thanks for accepting the F/R. :P
    BTW, my friend could also help me with Pokemon Concept Art as well, so that would make 2 members in the Poke-Art department! -- of course, if that's okay. :)
    Heya, how's the project going? I'm trying to convince my friend to join and fill up the "Trainer concept Art". Me wanna be a Pokemon Concept Designer, already made a couple sketches! xD
    In any case I'd really love to help, the story got me hooked up, and to be honest, I think you'd be a great writer! :P
    RaveMaster, if you try to put images in a post, that counts as a link for some reason. Smilies do that as well. Does that help?
    Hello I'm new here and I was wondering, why when I try to post a new thread I get the message: You cannot post links to other sites unless you have atleast 15 posts. I don't put any links in the message, so why am I getting this?
    anyone else you could suggest who is in the plot and story idea section and does not have a thread in the showcase
    That's what they all say...

    Say, you wouldn't mind reading a... disturbing story before you go to bed, would you(and give your input because I can't really edit my own work)?
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