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  • drat, oh well it was worth a shot haha.

    I loved how the paragraph went from a little sullen to an amazing ending. I'm happy for you though! And like you, I got my Associates elsewhere and transferred to USF for bachelors, and also dropped out since I no longer had interest in what I was pursuing (amongst other things really). I was living in a dorm during that short period of time of… 2016/17 I think? I really enjoyed it, I admit.

    Anyway, again, congrats!!! Happy for you! What you did was no small feat! Heck, I have yet to return myself, so it's impressive to see you go through with it (:
    Hmmmmmm… you know, this is a shot in the dark but, it would be reeeaaal wild if you were in the DeSoto, Charlotte, Sarasota, or Manatee areas… real crazy. I mean I went to USF for my bachelors, so I experienced Tampa then. Can't say I was a fan of it though hahaha. (The texts I would get often about staying indoors due to crime nearby was one major factor, honestly)

    I haven't had the luck to meet many in these forums that were from Florida. I have met many in the northern states though.

    So.. how you finding this cold weather we having~?

    Indeedly! Southwest Florida! Woo! Yourself? (If you're comfortable, that is). It's cool enough to know you and I are in the same state though. Makes the world feel that much more smaller, doesn't it?
    idk, been at it for almost 5 years now x)

    that's the crux yeah; when I switched away from Doctor last time someone snatched it up, so I had to wait for years to be able to nab it again ahah
    haha i was going to wait until I actually got my phd (a few months left!) but cool Doctor Who news happened so ;)

    You will be Tsutarja forever, I assume? :3
    Lol we seem to be pretty consistent!

    But tysm! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ I'm looking forward to working as a team. ♡
    Hey Zach, I sent the flair thread from Off-Topic your way to Net & Tech. I remember you mentioning that if the discussion evolved to any posts about the css aspects that it could potentially be a thread for IT. Since there are some questions about how to do things and even some coding included in more recent posts I figured the thread had grown up enough to move to a new home.
    Aw, it's no problem! You know I'm here to help whenever it's needed. ♡
    I got it. ty very much for everything, especially for showing so much patience+ integrity.
    Hey Zach, I'm doing better, thanks for asking! Finally getting back into full swing with my activity here so that I can earn my place on staff again ^^
    I hope you're doing well, yourself!
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