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  • same, just trying to balance work and school lol. i wish i had more time to do things :pleading_face:
    Such a professional dealing with an annoying member crying about not getting an emblem
    omg hi!

    not our vm history starting with me asking where my movie emblem is... lmao
    haha i imagine xD Generally I don't have a unified name or tag anywhere anymore, if I ever even had. And I prefer it this way. Between PC forum and discord though, it's ofc useful.
    Thanks! :D It's good and a little strange to be back here. I'm glad I made the decision though!
    Oh wow! Were you in a priority group? Technically I am (high risk of diabetes even though I already had covid last year) so I'm waiting for my time. I already scheduled both of my parents' vaccines for this weekend (both are food/agriculture workers in CA)

    Man, I wish I was on vacay! I'd like to at least go to Galveston, but weather is being bipolar as usual, so I'm waiting for the right time to go. Right now I'm just being chill. Enjoy your vacay! I'm sure you deserve it.
    Oh, yeah! I didn't know I wasn't supposed to, Squirtlenator said I could and I just didn't question it. I'll let someone know next time!
    A mango and BGman are wildly different (despite being quite the same person), so i definitely understand why everyone is confused about that fact
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