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  • You deserve a gold f***ing medal, for keeping calm and helping out with everyone's crap around here.
    Bro, don't sweat it. It has nothing to do with you, and my decision was one long in the making, and one long coming.

    I'm not stopping my game dev activities, the only thing I'm stopping is my being any part of this forum anymore. I just can't take it. Even if I ignore all the things bothering me around here, the mere exposure to it is enough to set me off. So I've decided to eliminate this exposure. My work/content will keep on going, and will be kept up to date through other means or medium (ones that I can have greater control over).

    The only places I've pulled my resources from, was these forums. They're readily available in the other places I've posted them. Also, after some advisement from some of the forum members I chat on a regular basis on Skype, I've decided to return back my resource threads to their previous state. Meaning that everything will be kept up to date even here (since all the links are universal). I just have no intention of ever logging or lurking around these forums (after the finalizations today).

    I doubt my leaving the community will be of any significance to it. I doubt my joining was either. So I don't have any qualms with anything. Nor do I really care.

    Take care. Enjoy the ride.
    (Posting here so we don't clog the main thread with off-topic stuff. I could continue to rant about the forums for days. I won't though. I also don't mind conversations with other.)

    Like I've told Maruno in our private Skype group, the Game Dev section has seen an influx in "all take and no give" mentality stance. I've been here for over 7 years, so I've seen all sorts of users come and go. Personally, I get irritated with users like paoloalex the most. Common sense and courtesy would encourage you to actually try to do a quick search of your question before posting it. 9 times out of 10, beginner questions like the one I ripped on off have been answered. Since like you said, they are mainly asked by newbies who can't use their tools properly. We live in a world where access to information is stupendously easy, and is a task that takes up no more than 5 minutes of your life. If users aren't willing to invest that time into trying to first find their own solutions, I don't see why the rest of us should be any dumber and to exactly that. I would dare paoloalex to stick around for an entire year, as an active member of the community. What would be the point, since I know that won't happen. I've seen so many of those users, who make accounts to just leech off the Game Dev section, only to not give a shit about 3 months later. Makes all the effort and time the rest of us put into formulating an answer go to waste.

    In my "over 7 years" here, I haven't made a single thread asking about something, since most of the times the info was already available. I made one post asking about form changes, before it existed in the kit. Which I solved on my own anyway, and then publicly posted the script. And mind you, this was in the days where the wiki didn't even exist. When the documentation on Essentials was really poor. What was the point of Maruno putting in all his time in documenting his kit, if people are going to completely ignore and shit all over it? You tell me. I was at the same stage back then paoloalex is now. There is no excuse of inexperience that'll justify it in my eyes.

    You are also extremely fresh blood so you weren't here back then, but we had some amazingly talented members on the forums who actively contributed to the development of the Essentials kit and general knowledge, and also showcased some pretty high-quality projects. Why do you think they aren't around anymore? Why do you think Maruno is not around as a moderator anymore? The community is getting poisoned to the point where we, the experienced members, can't hold any meaningful discussions as they get drowned out by all the requests and "questions/problems". There is an influx of one-off accounts that just come here seeking for whatever, and then never return. People don't even have the decency to credit others when using their work, or the common manners to thank someone for doing something for them. It's revolting. I said it a little while ago, and I'll say it again, the quality of posts/threads/users has gone to shit. And that is an iron fact.

    You can consider yourself relieved. You probably won't have to tolerate my smug ass any further, because I don't plan on sticking around for any longer. I'll also have the audacity of taking all the public projects I published to that same grave. In fact, I was working on two very large new things for the community (since I'm the type of member that likes to do that sort of thing for the community), but I've been strongly reconsidering all my actions up to this point. Because there is no point. Not anymore.
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