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  • Yeah, even though Ruby was the one I played of the original pair I really want to switch things up and have AlphaSapphire as my main version this time around. I also plan on picking the same Hoenn starter I used all that time ago - Mudkip. Because I love Water-types and the whole "I herd u liek Mudkipz" thing.

    And yeah, I hope you're enjoying X so far. Kalos is a pretty awesome region.
    Yeah, I can't wait for the games myself. I know for sure I won't be such a noob with type balance this time around unlike the original Ruby and Sapphire.
    Oh, that'd probably go in "Pokemon General". :3 It's the place for manga talk while Pokemon Anime is for anime discussions. If there's no thread on that in Pokemon General you can make one of your own. =)
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