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  • Bạn đang cần trang bị một sân cầu lông đạt tiêu chuẩn thi đấu quốc tế. Bạn cần một đơn vị đảm bảo. Vậy hãy tìm đến bài viết Chuyên thi công sân cầu lông tiêu chuẩn với giá rẻ nhất của Thể Thao Kim Thành bằng cách lên Google và search cum từ khóa thi công sân cầu lông Thể Thao Kim Thành
    Thanks a lot....u r my best friend...gonna give u credits for it of course and also thanks a lot,thanks a million times.... :)
    Umm I have Have Mr Doll Steaks Rom Base (Fairy Type, Physical/Special Split, Lots of new moves and abilities) if we combine that with the Hoenn Rom Base on Webly's page as you said that should work
    Why do v.m on your own profile?if u want to say to me v.m on my profile....and if I want to say to u I will v.m u....
    So can you give me a brief idea on the story so far and possible the .ips of the hack if you have done enough for other mappers and I to look at it
    You've just posted an off-topic question in the Simple Questions thread. It has nothing to do with ROM Hacking, but it's simple, so I'll just answer here.

    To post images, simply upload an image in any image uploading site (e.g. imgur.com), get the direct link and put it between
    Just have a look at some of the other threads and compare yours to it. Yours honestly is just a wall of text and is quite unappealing. Just being honest, it makes me not even want to read it. Your best bet is to get fancy with the formating. Split things up and organize it. Include a brief but specific introduction about what the team is going to together, then go into specifics like hack features and an application form.
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