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  • Nearly a year late but thank you!!!

    I'm a bit of a Tangled nut, but I guess that much is obvious 😅
    he is the best heheeh i blasted through his story with hourglasses because I was so impatient!
    I'm okay, been in and out of here so a bit difficult to keep up with people. How is everything holding up for ya during these dark times? It hasn't been too bad in my neck of the woods, but I know other places are a bit stranger.
    I like Asmodeus and Beelzebub most. o/ Asmo was an unexpected fave since I don't normally gravitate towards his character type.
    707 is great too! I also low key liked Jumin even though the story lines were a bit....off? Hahaha. I like Obey Me! Though I didn't quite get into it right away, :3 I think I like Lucifer or Satan the most. Mammon also. The puzzle parts are kinda cute though, and I do enjoy the chatting just like Mystic Messenger. MM topped off games for me, lol it's absolutely the best one of it's kind.
    My discord add is Emne #9292

    Feel free to add. Just let me know who you are tho.
    Hello. Sorry for my inactivity.
    Sorry for not being able to respond to everybody;
    Been busy and just managed to finish all clothing requests on Animal crossing.

    My inactivity may increase with wanting to get back to work and building clients.

    I hope you're all okay and managing through CVid.

    Thank you all for being patient with me on the forum.

    I fell in love with the series. Both the first and the second game had such a draw that could not be compared in the slightest for the third game. They had some ground work for potential story.. But hardly a glance or nod towards lore, story, meaning behind the game. It was really simplistic and there was such a potential drop.

    There was that one for the Kinect as well but... We won't talk about that abomination of an entertainment source.

    Haha why thank ya! (•⊙ω⊙•)
    Don't worry too much about it. I've been pretty bad at responding to people/coming on as of late.
    In response to you asking about the project itself: I made it due to working on a bot for a club I'm part of, and wanted to pull cute images from. It then kept going and going. Looking for a person to help make it pretty, but that's a challenge lol.
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