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  • honestly same. it's been quite mixed for me, leaning on the good side of things. moved into a new + better area and place, looking forward to doing more with my job, things like that!

    Hopefully i get to see you more often here ;_;
    oh nice, the new innistrad was pretty fun, tbh I haven't been playing much either. Magic Duels no longer has support and since it never made it to PS4 never really had much incentive to play sadly :/

    All of this desert stuff seems interesting, I should get around to it sometime
    Hey, saw you joined Bac's game, we missed you down in the Underground!

    how've you been as of late?
    I can manage a little sometimes at least. I am glad I can enjoy more food again now haha

    Fair point, although it still sounds really unpleasant :P. Let me know how the bloods go.
    I'm still gradually expanding my diet again. I've even had a couple of full meals. I'm learning more and more what foods are more likely to set me back and what will probably be okay. I'm missing red meat and pastry terribly though haha.

    I love writing in all sorts of forms. xD
    Thanks for the well wishes.

    Are you sure that you're meant to swallow it and not spit it out? It basically sounds like you're making more of an effort to ingest the fungus. Good luck with the bloods! I'm sure everything will be alright but you can never be too careful.
    I've been meaning to message you on Discord actually. Health is still iffy but life isn't too bad considering. I'm working with an illustrator to make a kid's picture book now :D

    How's the kidney treating you?
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